Community Update - 5/2/2022

Hey all,

First off thanks for a bunch of you showing up last Friday to watch our newest livestream. If you missed it you can find it here: Twitch

We talked a bit more about Garrvox on that stream (and a suggestion on how to use his abilities). Here’s the official Garrvox thread.

If you’d like to join us on an upcoming livestream sometime let me know. I’m working on potentially bringing players on to see their flying skillz on stream.

I’m still working on finishing up our War Dragons Discord. We’re hoping having another vehicle for dragons discussions (in real time) will bring about more back and forth with the our players and the team. Also, if you’re like me you’re on Discord a lot during the day already, so it will be awesome to just jump over to our server and have some quick conversations/check updates.

We’re continuing to update our YouTube channel still with new videos of players flying dragons. If you have a link you want to share feel free to drop it as a reply.

As an aside, when it comes to ‘who’s responsible’ for particular dragon updates (I saw that messaged a lot on diff threads) it’s not as simple as that - in that we have a big team and a lot of moving parts. Most decisions I see talked about on the forum are made by a collection of people.

That said, I will have a bit more visibility to upcoming proposed changes with the game soon, and can work to be that lookout for all of you. [looking ahead with binoculars]

Gilded Faction Update: I’m looking on how best to continue this group, and seeing what swag we have to give away. Hoping to have an update on this in the next couple weeks.

Ok, that’s it for now.
Look for a summarized reply to that epic champion rider thread later this week.


Perhaps part of that update could also be some clarity into what the Guilded Faction is, how one becomes part of it and what its purpose actually is. Because currently the only indicator seems to be if they spend a lot of money they get a yellow forum badge and a couple portraits


I’m down to do that!

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Idk, I know people that have never been ‘spenders’ (just e2p), and they’re also in the guilded faction, so I’m guessing there’s more to it than that :thinking:

Agree about clarity though


I will def update everyone about that clarity of vision for the group - once we’ve established it. I’m currently looking at how best to reward our loyal players, and what that looks like.


Then the PG were wrong to invite me :thinking:

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It’s been a year since it’s launch shouldn’t you know what the vision is for now?


I haven’t been here for that year but i’m lookin at the faction now and thinking of new ideas.


Money or time. Large amounts of either resource spent was the original qualifier for inclusion in this group. My thread on factions provides that with reaffirmation from Gal.

It’s good that clarity is going to be provided of how one can get into the Faction. I am assuming that the “beta” phase is now approaching an end and it can become the incentive for high activity it was first intended to be :slight_smile:


Why announce if it hasn’t been established?

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I assume so too but so far we have no real idea what it is. Originally I thought it was supposed to be activity but Ive seen some people with the badge who are much less active than a lot of others so again, no clue what else decides who are the chosen ones and who are the Ron Weasleys
:woman_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

*looks at C0D’s base*

That doesn’t exactly seem to be completely true though. There are many who have always been much more active than some of those I’ve seen with the badge so there’s gotta be something else that determines that this person gets in but that person doesn’t.
Also what is considered spending time? Total time playing? Time account was created? Runs made? Time spent chatting in LC? medals earned? Troops killed? Time spent on the forums?

I don’t particularly care if someone is in it or not but they’ve never been very clear on what it is or why someone gets in over someone else. It was like they announced they were making it and then never talked about it again. Kinda sus
#SecretSociety :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face:


I agree with all your extra enquiry. Total time in the game is clearly not a factor since I am at 7.5 years and not included. Past time wouldn’t be a factor either since for some years (2016-2018) I was averaging 12-18 hours with the game open or regularly logging in. There was “maths” involved per Gal but that is all we know. Point was it isn’t just spending though :slight_smile:


I thought the original purpose was to pilot a rewards program for spenders. But, hearing now that some people didn’t spend and are in it, is an odd group.

It would be nice to have some sort of reward for the spending we do/have done. Like a tiered plan-- “Spent 500$-- gets an exclusive portrait.” “Kept Atlas Elite for consecutive 300 days gets a ton of gold packs” or something.


I’m sorry to disappoint you but mine is just activities and many years of play :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


Or in my case,

“Spend 167.9 hours online in a week and get a shiny yellow badge”

I know I read somewhere that you could get in by activity (hearsay?), and the fact that I didn’t get it makes me deeply concerned for how much time some people spend playing :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:




I appreciate that but there should have been some thoughts behind it when it was established. I don’t think it’s ludicrous to suggest that as a company there would be a strategy behind creating a faction that a new employee could be briefed/read up on then decide how best to proceed with. I wouldn’t expect you need to completely redefine it.

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Its always “we have some proposed changes coming soon” and then nothing concrete.

Since you guys use a scaled agile delivery methodology shouldn’t your product manager be able to identify at least the epics and featues that will make up the program increment?

Surely you have something with more substance than “we have some changes”

Your release train engineer should be able to articulate at a high level that there is an epic for atlas and one for main game.

The epic for atlas has these 5 features. Leave it feature title we don’t need to know about the user stories or tasks.

Recent examples of “proposed changes”

  • Occulus tower was going to have proposed changes until the proposal was no change.

  • Economy team was going to propose some changes and we heard nothing.

  • The manage wide initiative was going to build the perch meta with additional resistances and then nothing.

  • Atlas crusades was an initiative and then nothing.

  • The trello board was going to give us weekly updates but then nothing.

  • Gilded faction was a year ago and no one even knows what it is for.

Can we get an update on all of the past initiatives- like are they still active what is the status or were they killed off?

This is the opening statement on the tracking tool from 7th May 2020.

“Visibility and update weekly” was the opportunity statement. It was a good starting point then and it still appropriate today almost 2 years after it was written.

The blog is barely updated anymore. It used to have heaps of content. Blogs are a great way to build your SEO organic ranking to get more players into the game.

If the old tools can’t be maintained anymore how will there be enough time for the new tools?

Is there an opportunity to streamline the comms?

I feel like the current WD team has way too much on their plates and that PG should be giving you more resources and more funding. Its probably a small miracle you have collectively been able to achieve some results in the past 6 months.

Its a shame because on the inside I bet you guys are burning the midnight candle fighting fires because you don’t have the head count and on the outside to us players it looks like expectations are not meeting our cadence expectations.


Is Glided faction for atlas? If yes, participation of different team members will be key considering heavy influence of atlas politics.


As far as I know Gilded faction has zero input in the game development, same as creators faction.