Community Update - 5/2/2022

I find in pvp when I back my alt the alt sees towers not finished by my main when the main kills them.

I suspect it’s due to research difference from the accounts. It only happens in pvp not atlas or main game that I’ve noticed.

It’s a bug in the code used for calculating predicted HP along with actual HP. Autobattle stops attacking when the predicted HP gets to 0 to avoid the “overkill” scenario of attacking a target continually until it’s actually dead. I know where to look to figure it out. I just haven’t had time yet.


It’s not just autoplay, it also happens with spells. I appreciated the 90% dead buildings after casting crumble to dust (yes, at some point hauheset was my best chance at scoring anything in this event). But this might be a different case, as it’s only in Crystal Caves?

My most common occurrence seeing this glitch is when there is an HP shield covering the tower provided by the Mythic Warrior on a perch. Some spells, (Like Kinnarix’s lightning(s)) do not kill the tower, nor does she target same said tower with her breath attack.

This is what communication looks like. Love the transparency PGMatt :+1:

  1. When will the Discord be ready?
  2. When can you tell us about the hush hush top secret thing(s) you hinted at before?

I am hoping to be able to launch it in a couple weeks if all goes well. Still just some last minute prep on our end. One of the hush hush things was Discord … so you know one of them now.


Just to clarify, this is only the legendary versions? Will the mythics be able to go to 142 along with towers tomorrow once Den levels are out?

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That is correct - the mythic versions should gain access to levels 141-142 as normal.


Just a reminder we have a packed show tomorrow on our livestream! Also @FieryxFury will be stopping by! 4pm PT Friday on Twitch


Hahahahahahahahaha ur cute.

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Care to elaborate on that random statement?


Feel free to ask pgjerid. I believe I was told to “chill on the insoles” when I told him about it.

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What is the new level for 100% glory regardless of the team rank?

Just asking as the calculation for the level has always been the minimum level to have 15 maxed towers since the 100% glory ratio level was introduced.

It was increased to 580 along with the tower cap change last time.

@PGCarlos @DragonPunch

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Not something that’s done consistently, there’s no reason to expect it to be updated consistently either

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You now need be to 582 to build 142 towers, so no chance of having 15max level towers at 580

100% glory at X level is a complete farce anyway as the level has nothing to do with your strength. It should have been something alone the lines of

Sum(defender’s top 40 tower levels) is greater than 80% of sum(attacker’s top 40 tower levels)

This wouldn’t have required constant level adjustment, but would make searching for 100% targets slightly harder

Side note, i’m learning a lot about Atlas (building up troops, getting some gold) and will have thoughts to share with all of you on it in an upcoming thread.


Why are we getting Team Gauntlet this week instead of Fight Pits? At the end of the season is literally the only time Fight Pits should ever happen so that we can ignore it. PG has been sticking to the same cycle for pvps for quite a while now.
Can we please get an explanation for this sudden change because switching them at the end of the season serves no purpose except for one. Seems like PG wants to waste a high sigil paying event at the end of the season and then probably stick us with a low paying sigil event at the start of summer.

Please switch them back, no one wants to waste Gauntlet at the end of a season during sigil chests and no one wants FP at the start of a season. Nor do we want 2 FP next season when we were supposed to have 2 Gauntlets instead


Or course the old bait and switch. U think pg wants to give us a high sigil pay out event right at the beginning of the new season with discounted lines? :joy::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Why should any of us be surprised by this bush league move…and that’s exactly what this is; bush league

So hence we get the turd :poop: event that’s pits. Just another way of pg saying :fu::fu::fu:to their player base :roll_eyes::hugs: