Community Update - 6/6/2022

Hey there,

So a few updates for ya.

  1. We’ll be back with livestream this Friday at our normal time of 4pm PT. We’ll be doing our deep dive into one of the summer dragons and flying them a bit.
  2. Going to test out our OBS setup and do some gameplay stream tests going later in the week.
  3. I’m catching up on a bunch of different forum threads - look for some answers / follow ups this week.
  4. Getting some of the moderators and PG staff into our Discord this week, and hoping to be able to make it available to all players next week!
  5. Update our YouTube channel with new videos from the community. Check it out here:
  6. Gonna setup a Twitter giveaway for later this week as well. If you’re not already following us make sure to follow here for a chance to win :

Looking forward to hearing some answers.

A few I’ve been asking that hopefully get addressed:

  • When are 146 and 147 tower levels supposed to be coming out? Season layout has them listed as coming out week 10 which shouldnt be right since that’s two weeks before the new tier drops and summer always has two forts with no new levels

  • What is up with the Sorcerer and Invoker exotics giving less boost (10% sorcerer HP and 8% invoker ATK) than the hunter’s exotics (12% hunter ATK)

  • What will be happening with the champion rider line that’s coming out next week? Will the prizes be fixed like they were before the Unchained season or are all of the chests still gutted out of it. Also still waiting to know why that line was so heavily devalued last season.

  • Is anything changing about the new tower electrum line (formerly the archmage line) in terms of prizes (specifically timers and gold chests)? Last season you guys said you should have let us know ahead of time about the changes to the champion rider line. Well this is the chance to make good on that and let us know of any significant changes to specific lines this season.

  • When will we get info on the coming champion riders?
    Im assuming it will be Kazane, Ano, Ano and Reginald since we only seem to be getting defensive champion riders in atlas (so probably Bjorn for Summer Atlas)

  • So what’s going on with Fight Pits and the changes mentioned a few weeks ago?

Ewww, why Twitter? At least use FB or IG, twitter sucks so much


Doesn’t all of it suck? :joy::joy: I honestly prefer to only have this forums or even better game mails as first source of information about news from PG relating to the game.
For example the upcoming reduction of the 3rd perch would be worth a game-mail.


Yes but Twitter goes above and beyond at sucking. They used to use their FB channel more though, same with YT.


These were released a while ago👀
But im sure you meant 146,147.


NUMBERS ARE HARD, PAPER :sob: :see_no_evil:


Maaaan, I have enough to do here to get the daily regular stuff get done plus event and Atlas lol. And believe me I’m not able to grind or whatever all day long andI’m not up to it.
This is not offending you now.
But if at least a bit serious players need to check FB, twitter and so on regularly every day to get some news it would burn them out more.
All these relevant informations about news for tower leveling or even the new season should be sent out by PG to all players by a regular mail so that newbies or non-forum readers get to know them.


We’re actually in the process of updating our FB and IG - so can’t do any giveaways there (why our IG posts have slowed as of late - in process of fixing that process). Also we’re testing out all of our social platforms right now - so Twitter is just one of them.

I’m still waiting on info for Champion riders and will be creating comms around it when I have all that data.


and these are listed as :

  • Tower Levels 146 - 147 [Going live on 8/3/22]

in the announcement post. The team is discussing if that’s still the target date.

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Hopefully it isnt. Firstly releasing the tower levels before the tier would just be a terrible idea. Secondly one of the best parts about the summer season is getting 2 consecutive forts with no new levels. It allows us to work on new towers and it keeps our spring mythics viable for a little longer. One thing this game absolutely does not need is tower level releases coming sooner.


What’s this tower issue the same as last tier?

I’m curious about this as well?


What’s so important about getting people into Discord anyways? If this is for another reason I don’t like where this is heading….

There is no other reason than creating another way for players (a lot of them who are not here on the forums) to get info about the game and interact with other players and the team. Also, like we said on stream - it’s a more real-time way for the designers to get a snapshot of what’s happening across the different dragons discord channels.


If you want real time or to get as many players as possible, shouldn’t in-game mails be better suited for the job? Or the loading screen / prompt page after loading screen?

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We’ll utilize those as well. Also, it’s just an option - feel free to check out in-game messages and chat in the forums instead. up to you!

That’s not enough you’d most likely need to email potential candidates and advertise this game because I haven’t seen this game shoved down the throats of people unlike Raid….

A game wide mail chain would really suck. The limit on number of messages kept in the inbox would result in many mails being missed, and the lack of being able to moderate responses would result in a huge mess from those with childish tendencies.

Forums (and discord possibly) will be a much better place for “open” communication and persistence of discussions, largely cause of the ability for them to be moderated (by both PG and the community moderators).

Announcements do belong in game, as this has a wider reach. The counter argument to that (and it’s a weak one) is how many of your team mails go unread?

The only reason some of us don’t like Discord is because of how toxic it can be and multiple other factors heck I’ve seen documentations of Discord and from what I heard it basically steals information, and people dox people. Yet some people can stay away from those negative things, is there at least another option? Is Discord the only social platform they have on their mind.


All social media is toxic. Lol The Forum can be plenty toxic.

I hate to admit it (since I don’t like change), but since joining Laika’s Discord, I actually have found it to be really nice! I’m slowly getting used to it.

Do I think we need an Official WD one, when there are already multiple people with well-designed servers out there? Nope. Seems more like PG people just make accounts and join the ones already in existence. But, it is what it is.