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Due to the lack of examples provided of Android tablets that run the game well, I’m finding it difficult to gather enough choices. Does anyone play on an Android tablet? If so, what is the model? I am well aware of the specs required, but from my knowledge they tend to apply pretty loosely. The old forums and this one have been no help so far. Searching for any Android that would still be available to transfer one of my accounts over to. And due to Black Friday and general sales, it’ll be difficult to just test some out at the stores. Thanks.

Samsung galaxy... need operating specs for war dragon

Find the highest end android tablet(s) that you’re interested in and ask support if they can either check against a compatibility list, if it exists, or escalate to the Android engineering team to check if it’s/they’re supported.

From old forum threads:
09-07-2017: a friend plays smoothly on a Sony Xperia Z4
02-20-2017: I play on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Though, I’d keep this in mind from CampusLifer:
"I honestly don’t know much about android tablets, but my underall knowledge of 3D performance on mobile is the following: At a high level, “cheap” tablets make really bad 3D gaming devices. This is because there’s a correlated cost between screen size and the need for powerful (and expensive) GPUs. The fragment shader (the thing which renders each pixel on the screen) is normally the limiting factor for mobile 3d games performance. Tablets generally have exponentially more pixels (each inch in a direction leads to ^2 squared number of pixels to render) and unless you power them with correlatively more powerful GPU fragment shader spell it’s really hard to power cutting edge 3D graphics on them. "


I use my Samsung Galaxy tab s2 and it runs the came quite well. Some things are a bit different from my phone like ember has a silver glow but overall it runs smoothly. Just colors aren’t always what they should be.


I too have a galaxy tab pro S2. Awesome tablet, can’t be happier.


+1 to tab pro S2.

There are some minor glitches but is good overall if you don’t compare it with any iOS device (my wife plays on iPad and it’s other game xD)


I tested the game on a Google Pixel C, Galaxy Tab S3 and a Lenovo Tab 10 Plus, all of them powerful Android devices, none of them worked! All had major graphical issues.

Now i have an IPad Pro, but have to play on an android smartphone (S8).

Right now, game is annoying to me on a small smartphone display.
Again: Please make a migration of android accounts to IOS possible, PG. @PGJared

You know the game causes much less trouble on IOS.


Thanks all. Will take a look into those.

Did see that @forScience, however with so many updates since then have to be careful.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" and it doesn’t download directly from the play store.
It’s processor is underclocked vs the requirements (1.2 vs 1.5ghz) and results in longer load times when joining attacks and defends and if too much goes on during an attack it force quits the game on me.
I’m assuming this is going to be more of a major problem the more active i get with the mini account seeing as it’s only level 29 right now and barely anyone defends. I’ll look at upgrading devices at that point it becomes a problem.


Ah thanks. Gets tricky with Android. Good to know what the effects are if those specs aren’t quite met. And that you can still run the game.

I keep my main on my actual phone and this on a cheap Moto, but it surprised me how well the game runs even though the phone was extremely inexpensive. Seems a bit like a hit or miss with these devices.


yes it’s really hard to say if an Android device is good or not talking about WD.
Your cheap Moto run good, my expensive S8+ like shit… so in mine opinion isn’t just a processor things or some other technical phone/tablet data, it’s related also to the Android version of it.
I’ve asked many times here or in PM some response but never had one… i hope that 3.90 will fix all those issues and that PG will care about it, it’s pretty frustrating.


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