Compensation for missed atlas

So to all the people who had to endure nearly 2 days of atlas blackout, will there be shard,troops, gold compensation? I just would like to know wether or not to get refund

They are going to do something to compensate, but I don’t think they’ve decided how yet

As usual there will be nothing oh sorry 2 gold chests if your lucky.
I’ve opened ticket after ticket and not a single reply. I’ve list all hope in this game

Everyone is having problems, so they are receiving endless tickets. It sucks that they’re not replying, and when they do they don’t really offer any help, but they’re focusing on quite a few problems.
If we all calm down and let them focus on fixing the issues instead of having to repeat the same info to us we will get what we want faster.
They’ve addressed most of the issues, they may not have fixed them yet but they’ve confirmed they’re aware and working on them.
They shouldn’t have this many problems to begin with, but we can’t go back in time to change that.

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I’d be more understanding if there wasn’t something every time.

I havent seen anything for egg issue yet and this effects everyone atlas or not

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This is definitely why I’m hesitant to pay for Atlas Elite again. This uncertainty of Atlas stability and most of all the radio silence from PG about compensation regarding just about anything. :t_rex:

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I have to agree with that unfortunately

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