Compensation for New Account


My account got glitched and said different lvl than I was. PG gave me a new account with promises of returning all my items as well as compensation. They have since stopped responding to me, disabled my ability to write a new ticket, and have not given me anything. I am out of ideas at this point. Please help if you can


I think if you ask @Arelyna she will look into it, as long as you can provide her with specifics:

  • when did it happen
  • ticket number (if available)
  • email correspondence
  • accounts involved.
  • proof of ownership, such as receipts if you ever purchased anything in game.


I’m not sure how to get all the info to you but I attached the last
correspondence that I received from them. Thank you!



@PGEggToken, @Arelyna - could you please look into this?


Yes, I will look into this. If you could PM some more details such as the ticket number, @GreenEyez17