Compensation policy

Compensation policies
When will the company make there compensation policies transparent to all members of the war dragons community so they truly know what they can expect when they purchase something from you and they don’t receive it

I’m assuming you opened some chests and don’t like what’s inside?

No I purchased some chests and was unable to use them I opened a ticket and it took them nearly 3 days to answer, other people had the same issue but they never got a reply either it appears it was some sort of programming problem but I paid for something I couldn’t then use to progress at that time I asked for compensation due to the fact there delaying there response cause me not to progress at that time. They keep stating about there compensation policy but can’t or won’t show me a copy of said policy

when did this happen?
what day did you send the ticket?
what day did you receive the response?
were you demanding compensation because of the delay of their response?

From what I know, there was a week where their queue is higher than usual and that might have been the case for you. They can’t skip others to answer your ticket you know.

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The compensation is pretty transparent: you get the contents of the chest as if it didn’t fail, or you get them refunded

Hi when you pay money for something you expect to get it then so you can use it then not three days later when it is not much use to you and the event is nearly over

It happened Easter weekend and I sent the ticyon the Friday and did not get a response until 2 hrs before the end of the event I didn’t demand anything to start with but all I got was excuses and statements about policies which they won’t show you I bet if you pay for something you should get then not 2-3 days later when the opportunity to advance is no longer as strong. They keep stating about there compensation policies but will not let you see a copy of them. So you must obey rules and policies you can’t see l. Don’t seem fair to me. So as far as I’m concerned they take your money and run.

If you purchase something from us and don’t get it you can provide your receipts and we’ll give you the thing you purchased.

What chests? Gold chests? Runic chests? What’s your ticket number?

Gold chests and I got them 3 days after I purchased them when the event was nearly over ticket number 1042439. But you never gave me it I still paid for the inconvenience and have been severely aggravated by your company responses about a compensation policy they will not show the paying customers.

So you got the gold chests? Ie: you got what you paid for

Yes but not when I paid for them so could not of use them when I needed them and even when I won bronze chests they where blocked too. So you think that is acceptable because I don’t. If I pay for something I expect to be able to use them then and not have to wait 3 days to be able to use it.

Being realistic you won’t get compensated because you were in fact given what you paid for


There is the expectation of getting the items AND the expectation of getting the items upon payment. Yes the OP got the items, but not upon payment. Thus, a refund should be issued or the player compensated in some way.

You don’t go to the grocery store, select your items, plop down $30, leave and then wait 3 days to receive them and then actually able to use them do you? Some things are expected to be delivered/used upon payment. Packs are one of them.

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It wasn’t a pack he was delayed… it was chests, again I’ll say it, what will happen is they’ll see he got his stuff, and that’s it… they don’t compensate for small things

well, you can’t skip the line and directly go to the counter if there are thousands of people who are waiting to get their purchase completed by a cashier.

can’t ask for a compensation like a discount on your next purchase because a lot of people are buying at the time you decided to make a purchase.

Ticket 1042439 is about not being able to contact in-game support and never once mentions the word “chest”. Are you sure that’s the right ticket?

I know
The importance of this game for buying goods over time
If I buy a gold box now
After the event you give me the gold box
No sense at all
It’s like buying food when you’re hungry
After 3 days, I wasn’t starving to death or my food was getting worse

It depends on the situation, but if things are as you describe I agree with you. If you used rubies to get chests you should have had access to those chests.


We generally don’t if it’s just like a few minutes, but since Reyem is saying it was multiple days I think a few extra chests for the hassle are in order. Assuming everything checks out.

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Rare occasion, but I respect it

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Thank you CaptBuckRogers at least someone sees sense