Compensation policy


Enigma read the ticket I paid for a pa k £4.99


Doh electronic payment via Paypal computerized check out they took my money no queue there. It was there programming errors which caused the problems


You might be right there was having problems contacting support so might have done it through the same ticket will look


    April 16

Gold chests and I got them 3 days after I purchased them when the event was nearly over ticket number 1042439. But you never gave me it I still paid for the inconvenience and have been severely aggravated by your company responses about a compensation policy they will not show the paying customers.

Ticket 1042439 is about not being able to contact in-game support and never once mentions the word “chest”. Are you sure that’s the right ticket?


Thank you newkong another sensible answer


Thank you again for your support Enigma


Hi PGJared just checking back the ticket no was1087610 and was at the end of march


Thanks! I took a look at the ticket and left a note for the agent. (I’m not closing out the ticket myself as this is a teachable moment for the agent. Better to have them learn the thought process behind my suggested action than to just have me resolve out everything. Also it’s nearly midnight here and I desperately need sleep.)


It’s 3am here, sleep isn’t for us city dwellers :joy:


8 in the morning here just getting up so I understand good night


Hi been there done that not good :sleeping:


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