Compiled Spell Breakdowns by Dragon from the Old Forums


As the old forums will inevitably go away, I expanded an old reference doc that I was using for putting together an abilities sheet; that’ll be a while, though, so here it is if people are interested. This is just quick and dirty copypasta for now, and I like concept art/sketches, so those are linked.

Also, rough lineage release timings (MM-DD-YYY, Emerald and Obsidian were preview threads):

  • 09-14-2016: Sapphires
  • 12-06-2016: Garnet Legendaries (Avalanche, Jul, Frostbiter, Zaru, Renard, Ursa) and Aquileas and Austeros (Mythic)
  • 02-14-2017: Garnet Mythics - Gloomclaw, Icicle
  • 03-31-2017: Emerald Legendaries (Pyrochis, Kyrule, Deci, Ferga, Kerbos, Slax)
  • 05-25-2017: Emerald Mythics - Nier, Stormheim, Xenot
  • 07-25-2017: Obsidian Part 1 - Archimera, Noctua, Marianas, Wraith, Rhyo (Mythic)
  • 09-18-2017: Obsidian Tier Part 2 - Hedran, Lumina, Girasol (Mythic), Mafic (Mythic)

All the copypasta!

Updated here :slight_smile:

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