Complained about support agent, and cannot now connect

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I was annoyed that support agent Daniel never read any ticket that I raised. Instead, just when I thought I was talking to someone who might be able to help, he would reply with an unrelated message responding to the latest major issue, without actually reading my ticket.
Now I can’t connect at all. Is DANIEL one of PG director’s kids on work experience or something?
Please resolve my issue (Kayla cannot bond since Upgrade), and decide if you want incompetent Support Agents.

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I have had a ticket open for a week to get Embers Purple stone. I had to wait for the receipt to get to me so Tetsuya left the ticket open waiting for that.

Last night I sent her the receipt and today I got an automated response from DANIEL about the game performance issues. Beyond ridiculous.

Ticket #1220630

We need your ticket number to do some investigation on this. Feel free to send it along when you have a moment.

I would love to give you my support ticket numbers, but since I complained I cannot log in. I hope this is just a coincidence?

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Hmm, you should be able to get the ticket numbers from your e-mail. When you submit a ticket and an agent responds, it’ll appear in the response e-mail. Something like, “Response to Ticket #XXXXXXXX” or otherwise.


If you can investigate why I cannot now log in, even better!

Thanks! I’ll ask some folks here to take a look. :slight_smile:

Something needs to be done with Zendesk not reading tickets. How can a completely different support person come into an ongoing open ticket and close it with auto-response nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of it?

It’s really annoying to take the final step to resolve a ticket, just to have it closed in this manner half a day later.

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When our ticket queue spikes, we will sometimes need to execute an automated reply to capture as many tickets as possible that are concerning the same issue. It’s not a fully accurate process, and tickets not in relation to specific issues could be caught up in the bulk reply. @DragonPunch has more context than me on this one, but I believe this is why this can happen on occasion.

My ticket was ongoing from a week before the issue which the automated reply was for. Why would old tickets get caught up in the auto-reply for a new issue? That should be fixed.

Edit: Thx for the response and explanation, I know it’s not your fault.

I am grateful that I now have Kayla back and bondable.
Thanks for your help escalating this.

No problem. I’m more providing context where I can, but I cannot speak for PX processes. :slight_smile:

Great! Glad it worked out for ya. I’m going to close this thread down now. Feel free to PM me if this is unresolved for any other reason!