Complaint about new event layout - Ascension tokens

So I am really peeved about how the mythic lines are laid out in the current season. In order to get both mythics you are supposed to have to complete 6 lines, plus maybe half of another line. So I got my 20 keys and redeemed Nockmar. I could not click on the items in his branch to see what I had to choose from until I redeemed him. And when I did I found that in order to get the 3 extra keys towards my second mythic (which I fully intend to get), I have to use up my ascension tokens and get the rune and glyph and reskin for nockmar, using up 12 ascension tokens. I will have to complete all 6 lines to be able to do this, meaning my second mythic will not be able to get those runes or reskins…there are not enough ascension tokens available in the season to do that…even if you finished every line available. So my Invoker that I really wanted the runes for will not be able to get them! I am only hoping that the case I am opening with support with find some mercy and they will swap the runes for me to the dragon I want them for. @PGGalileo - any insights?

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There is already an existing thread with coverage on this topic in which responses have remained recurrent since it’s creation nearly a week ago.

@moderators I do believe that this would qualify as a duplicate thread.

I don’t think OP is complaining that the mythics are bad, but more of how they’re laid out. That’s not been discussed before.

From what I understand (the post is a little hard to read):
Under the new system, you have to get runes/skin/glyph for the first mythic that you claim, regardless of which you wanted them for.


I read it more as…

We were told in the opening season stream and post that for each Ascension token purchase, we would be able to receive a (rune, skin, glyph) plus a key.

If you have to purchase all 3 because the second and third key are hidden after the third Ascension purchase (the glyph) then you do not get the first 2 keys to help unlock the second mythic sooner. Or even to redeem next season, for that matter.

So, if true, either the the presentation was flawed or the branch should be adjusted to be Rune, free key, Skin, free key, Glyph, free key.

I may be a small majority but I actually don’t mind the season layout. I was able to achieve the second mythic much faster.

  1. You don’t HAVE to get the rune, skin, and glyph for the first mythic if you don’t want them.

  2. IF you want all the extra TOKENS, then yes you need to claim all 3.

From the original announcment

Galileo did say on the wave 2 stream that more limited branches would be coming out so that enough branches are released as to get all of the ascension tokens needed to get rune, skin, and glyph for both mythics. So yes, you have to get ALL the branches of the season to max out both mythics.

Also note, you get 3 keys just from claiming the mythic at prize 22. Prize 23 has the rune and 1 key, prize 24 has the skin and 1 key, and prize 25 has the glyph and 1 key. Prize 26 is the 6 tokens that is free. You can just tap into the mythic you haven’t claimed and see these for yourself at any time. None of this has changed since release.

So if you claim the first mythic, you now need half a line less to get the second mythic than last season. If you claim all 3 with tokens, you now need a full line less.


You do realize you could

  • Get 20 keys
  • Unlock Nockmar and get back 3 keys
  • Complete 3 more lines to get 12 ascension tokens. Now you have 21 keys.
  • Unlock Steelwing
  • use your 12 ascension tokens to unlock Steelwing’s exotics and skin

There are currently 15 ascension tokens available in lines, plus there was one in the portrait line so 16. You get back 6 when you claim the exotic glyph from a mythic so that’s 22. The festive will have one so 23 and we have a few more temporary lines coming out which Im sure will have 1 in them. So there’s enough to claim everything for both mythics.



Sorry, think I misread the OP and you answered it better WRT the additional 1 tokens in different branches