Complete atlas legendary gear! F2P!


Craft outside event, and lvl up during gear crafting event. If you have atlas for long you only need around 10k scrolls or less to get full set legendary. I got full set legendary less than a week maybe it was luck but im just sayin. Leveling gears is main issue.


Took me 12k scrolls and i got my weapons very very quickly


This was I crafted it before the seasons started so sadly I got a few upgrades on the legendary glove before elite came out. Guess I can still use it in the future when the elite gear is completed.

Half way through the third set, this is also on a f2p budget.


How rare exactly is legendary now, actually? I’ve been working on a set of armour for Oksana, to go on Fomhar, and got a legendary glove on the first craft, along with a couple other epics. It seems to be consensus that it’s only worth it to level up legendaries, but how long should it take to get a full set of legendary gear, approximately?

Also, about the elite gear that I just found out about- how much work would it take to get the 2 pieces of dark offensive elite gear? Is it feasible?

Sorry about the ton of questions, I’m still really confused about Atlas in general.


5% drop for legendaries

a lot, lot lot of troops. What like 250k loss? I forget.


It’s more.

There is a thread on it. I want to say the lowest I saw was like. 316k glory (not troops). And the average was around 350k glory. Depending upon your efficiency, that’s probably close to 500k troops to complete a full line.


I completed a line and there is no way I lost that many troops…


I was a. Little off.

Looks. Like 320k glory is about what it took.

How many troops to get that glory is going to vary widely. It would have cost a. Member of Dread or. NMO far more troops to get the same glory than it would have cost random team X who had 1. T2 Castle.

At a bare minimum, I think it would have been 250k troops.


Still think your a little high, but maybe


I used about 500k for one line (I went back and detailed all my fight history to get to that conversion ratio) - that’s where Savage’s 500k number comes from (I assume).

For info, I’m in a global top 60 team, I’m low(ish) level at 183 for most of season. So I would assume I get below average troop:glory conversion rates.


I based it on my numbers, but my team influence would have hurt me. But our numbers were about the same. So, yeah… That’s consistent. The higher your influence, the more troops the same amount of glory cost you.

Now why we earn glory at different rates and then have to exchange that for a single purpose chest, I will never know.

I’d like back the hours of my life wasted opening those stupid chests.


I used up about 180k and didn’t finish a single line lol


Because RNG RULEZ!!!

(also because those chests were purchaseable, so yeah - RNG…)



Is there any truth to the “craft outside of crafting event” gives better odds of getting legendary gear as @Gid mentions above?

Doesn’t seem like they should change the odds if it is true


Well I’m seeing that the good rarity of the gear is very difficult to get so I have question. SHOULD I GO FIRST FOR THE DEFENSE RIDER GEAR? can anyone help me :+1:


Huitzil L30 and F2P don’t compute lmao


It does absolutely not change the odds what so ever. People like to use one example and draw conclusions about it, leading others astray from the simple fact that RNG is indeed a real thing.

As for whether or not you should craft outside of event, i definitely crafted the 25 scroll items outside of event simply because it didn’t take away from too many event points, and i had enough scrolls to do so. It definitely sped up the obtaining process, but just from a schedule perspective of not having to take a break between events.


Thanks Sir, Sounded fishy even for PG. I suppose to give the benefit of the doubt Gid didn’t say the odds changed, I inferred that but maybe he meant like you said, it would speed things up since no break.



Its not about the odds buddy. Like what mechenng said. Imagine 25 scrolls and 3k 2.2k materials being used for each craft. The points ull get is shit. During crafting i only lvl up my legendary gear. Tons of poiints! I hope i am not misleading you.