Complete atlas season

I was wondering is there any bonus prizes if you manage to complete all atlas prize lines including the mythic gear?

Well there’s usually a cool portrait

I believe any additional/extra sigils are credited in the following season at least that used to be the case.


No there isn’t?

No they won’t, that only happened before repeatable atlas chests were in the lines. Anything you don’t spend will be gone after the season.

Thanks for clarifying, I’ll make sure not to accumulate any additional sigils.

Well you can get them, but you’ll just have to spend them on the atlas chests before the season ends.

Also I assume you mean badges, as there are no sigils used in Atlas seasons.

Well based on season rank right? Like last season that, what was it: that due with the bow…and the red crossbow bolt…who had arrows sticking out of a dead dragon…

Yes there are portraits for team ranks, but those have nothing to do with completing an atlas season or not.