Complete disappointment in the game

Complete disappointment in the game it has been four years since I started playing this game. Initially, the game captures, it was interesting and fun. But each new season she became donate their positions. I think the whole reason in pursuit of developers for the money. Sad to watch how they killed gameplay. If four years ago it was possible, with minimal cash investment in the game to achieve good results, now it’s just not real. A large number of seasonal dragons made useless inferring regular dragons. Indeed, they only need to raise the level of seasonal. In addition to seasonal dragons appeared jockeys who cost just as expensive as Dragons. Funny to watch how during that time introduced many new kinds of dragons, and the number of tokens in the quests are left the same as 4 years ago. How much should you invest in the game the normal player to get one of the few decent dragons-noktua? Endless errors in the game are corrected very slowly. But what I can’t understand is that exactly who gave the right developers to change spells at dragons after a season long ago ended. As possible to a normal Dragon Sage which was one of the Favorites in the game has become quite useless after manipulation woes» developers? Most of us have invested money to get it in his time and now what? He’s just the worst of all dragons. How is this possible? In this game turned out to be possible. What else happened during these 4 years? So no good for us players. The feeling that we are looked upon as walking wallets :purse: and do everything to collect as much money as possible. All events that have had a temporary bonus it lost, instead we were told mega attacks to get as much of our Mega money! It’s amazing how crazy enough to disable a mega attack for 15 minutes until the end of the round in the past two events? That you have added in the game for 4 years in addition to donate? Atlas with its a bunch of errors and access to a small part of the players and even more harassment of Mallam nuhu, than in a normal game? Sorry, sorry that time spent a lot of good players are gone from here only because such a causal relationship of perverted desires you developers get rich at all costs and with each season more and more! Hadn’t thought of that when something so beloved by me game will become so rubbish! Stop the Lord! Enough to chase after money, return game that you stole it for all this time! And start to respect those for whom you are making this toy!

4 years? Why aren’t you using your chemist beta avatar? :eyes:


Try some paragraphs, line breaks etc.


I’d be happy with a thesis statement and some sort of conclusion. Guess English is not primary language.

Just sharing your thoughts? Have a suggestion?

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I would understand your frustration or rant if its a bug or something that pg didnt work on, there still are but not totally game changing.

Your post looked like jealousy over those who can get those top tier dragons, and get higher prizes because they can throw in lifechanging monetary funds.

Games arent made to please everyone.

Enjoyment in game/s is not determined on what game you play, its how you play it.

If your satisfaction in a game relies on how you can top it. Then not 1 game you will enjoy playing. Theres always someone better and… RICHER.


Bye, Felicia

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I don’t want to read some non-stop text with a title, “Complete disappointment in the game.”


Wall of text…I already have a sapphire wall to get through…so no thanks sorry


There is an Uninstall button for those who hate this game, and War Dragons icon for those who like this game.

Seems that someone forgot the essence of a game, which is having fun instead of winning.
If there is something out of order, we can give our suggestion / feedback. If it’s not being accepted, we can try another method (e.g. If we’re not satisfied with one dragon, we can find another good one unless all of them are bad) to get the fun. If we can’t find any fun in the game, perhaps it’s time to move on from the game.

Often time more subtle satire is more effective in communicating a point. Going too far is definitely a draw back, AKA in this case. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wall’s Ice Cream? :icecream::ice_cream:

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