Complete inventory page

Hi guys.

I would very much like an inventory page, that showed me a complete list of my inventory for events, evolution stones, atlas, rss and what ever else I have. So it’s easy to get a full perspective of what I need or miss.

I also would like to see a more specific stat of my dragons.
Dragon standard attack without buffs
Dragon standard health without buffs
Dragon standard defence without buffs
Rune buff 1 add
Rune buff 2 add
… Rune buff 5 add
Rider buff 1 add…
…rider buff n add

Please add more if I forgot some. And also add the possibility to remove ineffective runes with no costs, without destroying them. Usually these were placed by mistake. Or you could make a rune buff summary with the possibility to see the effect of this rune before applying it. The same principle applies to the monuments, islands and base in general.

During the time I have played this game, I have had to guess a lot because of the lack of information. And in some occasions it has been quite costly.

At last, it could be nice if the links you post in your mails would would act as a hyperlink on Android. I can’t mark, copy or jump to them from inside the game. So that makes it difficult to use them.

Just a suggestion, and I hope you’ll take it into consideration. Thank you :blush:

Kind regards

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