Complete, thanks, please close

Yup, that’s right. I’m looking for a team that has Atlas.

One catch, my entire team plans to move there, and I take over as leader.

This is not a joke. Atlas won’t come to us (low platinum), so we will go to it. So if you know any defunct teams that have Atlas that might be interested in giving it away, please let me know.

Else, all you whiny Atlas havers can stop telling players to “join an Atlas team” because, you know, some of us like our teammates and don’t want to leave them.

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So. Let me get this straight. You want someone to just hand over leadership and their whole team to you/kick their whole team just so you can have atlas? Or am I reading this wrong?

I keep hearing about all these teams that fell apart, etc that had beta/Atlas, so why not? Let an active team take it over.

So yes, you read correctly.

first post-beta release

second post-beta release

Feel free to look for yourself.

As a side note, teams that I referred to having “fallen apart” are either currently disbanded and the team deleted or working on rebuilding.

Oh look, 2nd on the list, 2Dumb2Quit, who’s alt is that?

Maybe I can get the team name changed though :joy::crossed_fingers:

Oh, and dibs, just in case anyone tries to steal my idea :rofl::smiling_imp:

Would you look at that!

You have every ability to find that out and get the gears turning.

People have asked for team name changes before but were denied, and there’s a one-way list that blocks even defunct team names from being used. The request makes sense, though; there are various teams that have Atlas that were open joins (forgetting what it’s called in-game) and had space for a while - not sure how many of those pay attention to the forums but good luck :smiley:

It’s worth a shot. Maybe Dave will allow it to have more active participants in Atlas?

That’s between you and the current leader.

Edit: I know it was originally a joke/sarcastic, but if anyone looking to do that is seriously thinking about it, just be aware that these teams most likely will own no land/castles/forts which means no extra daily egg tokens or an Atlas bank, among others. A platinum-level central team is going to have an extremely difficult time stealing new land from the current established teams. I would recommend you wait for that reason; or at least until better anti-griefing methods are in place.

Actually, I’m pretty serious, I’ve found 3 teams so far that are inactive or an alt placeholder.

Sounds pretty passive-aggressive sarcastic to me.

I’m just warning you. You have to think about whether the positives (getting Atlas, some types of gear, Invader bases, and speed ups) is worth or outweighs the negatives: no egg tokens, team event prizes, most likely not gaining any land (ever potentially) or having to work a lot harder than the other teams when they first start.

They’re saving them for blackmarket Atlas access :rofl:

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:man_shrugging: Access is access

If that’s how you feel, sure.

Who am I to know any better?

That’s kind of the point. Those without Atlas don’t know!

Found 4 that are “inactive”. Loads more deleted :man_facepalming:

One in silver, 11 members, still “uses” it for Atlas :man_facepalming::man_shrugging: Can’t make this shit up.

So how are you finding these teams?

Edit: never mind I clicked the links

I call first dibs dangit! :rofl:

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Also, beta teams from


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And I believe there was also a smaller release a couple weeks ago. All may be worth checking out.