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Thanks, found a total of 4. Waiting to hear back from 3 :drooling_face:

I’m thinking I won’t be successful, but can’t blame a guy for trying, right?


oh yeah, that was in the section below, because there wasn’t an expansion

February 8, 2018: Atlas Quests & New Teams (no land expansion, as it was nine teams to test out the tutorial and quests - hope they didn’t fall apart that quickly o.o


Could you not join one with an inactive leader once you join and after the leader is kicked the “most active” you will become the leader and you move your whole team over?

Would this not work?

Another idea I had because yeah we want Atlas too! Can’t wait forever for PG! Will find our own way in :joy:

I have good friends sapphire one team could they not add each of my members to their team one by one we all get granted access to Atlas then we go back to our team and according to what I have heard you never lose access to Atlas, right?

Would any of this work?


No that doesn’t work. Atlas is granted to a team. If you leave that team you no longer have Atlas. Although you will keep the shards and stuff you earn there.


But the first would work! Like Jonesy was talking about but instead of asking/emailing just join with an inactive leader as soon as they are kicked you’ll become leader.

Obviously you’ll be the most active on a team with an inactive leader.

Then your leader, bring your whole team over and you have Atlas :grin:


@moderators he’d like closed


if you are serious you could try 2Dumb2Quit… they are dead. only have 1 member currently and has Atlas.


He found it already. See up in thread.


I guess i missed it when i scanned the thread quickly. (didn’t really read it)