Complete this survey!

So when you try to do the survey, the submit button doesnt work. Its only 400 rubies, but 400 rubies is 400 rubies.

And yes, i tried to do it several times…


I know one of the previous surveys didn’t register as complete unless you checked ALL of the check boxes in one of the select as many as you want questions. Is this similar?


So, there was once a survey where you had to select EVERY option to get the rubies… wonder if it’s the same thing. :rofl:


I had no idea there were any surveys in-game :open_mouth: :t_rex:


:thinking: They don’t like dinos or science.


But those are my favorite things! :frowning: :t_rex:



Consolation prize, it reset all my token tasks, which had hours to go, worth more than 400 rubies, so i count that as a win :man_shrugging:


What the hell is this and how do I get to it?


You were too cheeky to be chosen? It’s random or maybe some player group and/or random.

Lol go figure. Wonder if they’ll come back and tell us they’ve discontinued the survey because too many people quit over the free rubies making the game too easy

I was only offered 200 rubies…what kind of crap is that?

:thinking: A/B testing to see if you’ll take the survey?

I didn’t get offered a pop up survey when I was in game just a few minutes ago :frowning: But then again, maybe I need to relaunch the game to see it… Will be back with the results in a minute.

Edit: The survey apparently doesn’t like me. It’s hiding and refuses to come out :cry:


not for 200 rubies. Again, PG undervaluing player feedback.

Should be 800 rubies (or the cost of 1 gold chest)

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The survey and all previous surveys are and have been hiding from me :cry:

I click on yes, a white page appears and nothing happens. tried that everytime it popped up and never worked for me. Well, one day after i clicked on yes a white screen appeared. After that nothing happened and force quit the game. Suddenly bounty harbour gave me 400 rubies.
Does this count as survey feedback rubies?

I think it’d specify if it was the survey reward. If it cane from Bounty Harbor that’s rather strange. :thinking: :t_rex:

Same issue, the form does not submit upon answering the questions. I’d try clicking them all but I can’t bring myself to check a box saying weekly events keep me engaged when I intensely dislike at least half of them :joy:

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Same issue here.

You sure it wasn’t because you updated the game? Updates reset your missions.