Completing Breeding Levels

Why PG, why?!
If you complete a breeding level, such as gold, green or whatever level you are currently on, wouldn’t a reasonable person conclude that you would have any and all eggs to level up?
Not so! It seems PG would like to squeeze just a little bit more out of you by having you (once you’ve completed all the breeding for that level) go back and BACKBREED! If you haven’t done this yet, you will!
This is the 2nd time for me, and I’m over it! I currently have bred 7 out of 9 harbinger dragons and have 1 egg for my builders hut, which takes 4. So why PG? I’m not even talking about being shorted for the research part of this game. Which we always do not have enough eggs for research.
Why PG? Reasonable people believe when you finish a level, you ARE finished. I will finish my harbinger level and NOT have enough eggs to complete my builders hut! And that’s assuming that it only takes once to upgraded my builders hut to clear the harbinger level!
Why is this, why are you making us backbreed? Besides being wrong, totally wrong, it sucks!! It makes good players want to quit because of all you silliness by nickeling and dimming us! Backbreeding dragons that you’ve ALREADY bred is hard, the auto breed function really doesn’t work well. So it makes an already silly circumstance so much more frustrating!
IF, you completely finish breeding an entire level, you SHOULD be done! Nothing else!
It’s like graduating from College, only to be told you have go back and take freshman English in order to get your diploma! Your not short credits or courses, just go back and retake freshman English!

A very upset

You don’t need to have every dragon to progress, you should follow a breeding guide like Reds because that helps you progress through tiers faster and get what eggs you need for hut


Sounds like you don’t follow a breeding guide, which you really should. Let me fetch the link.


But check Kill’s post for more references

Red path is still really good
At higher tier just following morrieon website


:thinking: I don’t think so.
Eggs you need to hatch can’t be used for Builder hut.

That said, for Harb, you’ll get extras when breeding using the mythic (e.g. breeding pairs to get Vanguards)


this is a moot point like what’s been said by most people here if you use a proper breeding guide like reds you’ll have every egg you need to level and even a few for research


It’s easy too get lower tier eggs however Harbringer and up are way way harder too get research eggs

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yeah research ones are a pain as you get into garnet ish and up but builder ones come easy

Plus I need to learn about the proper way too egg grind without using rubies too do this later on

Diamonds? :upside_down_face:


That was my plan just need too stash those

Also pay close attention to Reds breeding guide on when to use and not to use frags. It makes a huge difference in acquiring building hut eggs.

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