Conceptual Flaw?

Soooo… I’m gonna start by saying - I love the new war system. It feels much less chaotic than the old defense system, so kudos to that!

However, I’m curious why normal attacks aren’t counting for attempts. Yes, they are now limited to 7 attempts which means an ‘accidental’ resource attack would mess with that IF they were to count as attempts, but as it currently stands, people can exploit this loophole to constantly keep practicing the opposing team’s bases before ACTUALLY attacking in the war, so I don’t see how that’s fair.
I know it goes both ways - but how is something such as that loophole that is far more detrimental to a war turnout being allowed vs. allowing accidents that can easily be avoided if people simply pay attention?

@PGGalileo Would love some input into why this is the current war mechanic, would also appreciate consideration into balancing that flaw or perhaps having some kind of sanctions in place to discourage this course of action.

P.S: I’m aware there are PLENTY of problems that arise when warring, but this topic is about this specific problem, so let’s please keep it on point.

wrong u can hit out of war screen and wont count! and if it is counting write a ticket!

Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear - I meant that in the event that it did count
I’ll rephrase my post

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ahh got you i can link you to the war change page if u like

I’m aware of the changes, my problem is just that during a war now as it currently is, people can keep practicing the opponent’s bases over and over, which isn’t exactly fair and takes away from the point of wars, don’t you think?

yes but practicing does not matter as buffs are not applied which +20% hp and 20%attack not including elemental resist

There is such a huge difference between bases that are defended and bases that aren’t that I don’t find it such an issue, of course that also means they could makes changes and it wouldn’t bother me either.


That’s true, but if you have the idea of what to do when flying the base down in practice, you can replicate it in the war
I know I’m overly simplifying stuff with what I just said, but when you’re literally getting 100s of banners all day because of this loophole, you do grow tired of it

the loop hole is so it dont mistakenly count during atlas or regular rss runs when they farm to practice i would just declare on them again as seems they cant take one of your bases and there is only so much practicing one can do before they attempt to fail

But isn’t it more detrimental for the notion of ‘practicing’ to be allowed, vs people just being more careful of what they’re hitting in main game and Atlas? I think Atlas is fairly easy to avoid, it’s just rss runs that would require more attention

i do agree tho if can practice out of war why give attempts

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You can’t compare an undefended run for rss to a heavily defended run in war or Atlas. Let them practice without defenders and watch them die defended during their seven attempts.


it has happened in atlas the old way lol and that was pretty funny they ended up with 200 defense points from 1 troop placement on castles

right and depending on element plus the 40% boosts attack/hp and defense its gonna hurt!

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They are worlds apart, I agree - but Atlas runs WILL get defended, and an abundance of banners can simply make you miss the actual war banner as they jump, then poof, base down

I’m really not meaning to be argumentative or whiney or unreasonable here :joy: Just my perspective due to seeing it first hand

Well…using decoys has always been a thing. We had wars, where the opponent asked allied teams to spam banners during their waves. Just keep focused on the right color and you will be fine


I mean, we’ve had that happen too :rofl: War strats and all - but accidents do happen
I guess my main aim of the thread is weighing the options if that makes sense?

Normal attempts don’t get the war buff.

Kinda similar to “practicing with normal runs before trying for event/atlas runs” IMO.

I agree to some extent. I becomes a pain in the butt when you’re watching for war banners and you see the same person practicing over and over on one base, I think during one war it was 25+ failed attempts and locked out in war on same base. Maybe put a limit of how many times you can practice? :joy:


I don’t get the complaint, if they made the regular attacks count couldn’t you just practice before declaring?

I know this would give the other team a heads up that you will be declaring.

The only issue is you can’t turn off the defend banners for regular attacks, meaning your defenders may click the wrong defend by accident if the team flies a smoke screen with regular attacks during a wave.