Confusing behavior

Some random 300+ from a team I’ve never seen and is in diamond 1 sent me a message with a single period and attacked me. He only got 4k food out of it. Is there some deeper meaning here? I know there was a big war in atlas, but I don’t remember seeing their team there and I was on defense and never attacked. :thinking: My team said they were most likely bookmarking me, but I have no idea why a 300 would bookmark me out of the blue. I’m so confused. :confused:

Is this related?

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No, that’s seperate. This one is new. That guy is about 123, this new one is 396. He only attacked 1ce and how much I can hold is surely too small for him, so I’m very confused. :confused:

Perhaps someone want to visit, or show you some nice shiny dragons :sweat_smile:.
Just consider it as a visit :grin:

p.s. Sometimes, I did ask for some bigs to show their dragons. Also helps me deciding on which seasonal I should pick.

Oh nice! X3 Any favorites?

Either Dreth or Megs, but that’s been discussed in another topic :see_no_evil:

Oh, ok. X3

And then your base clobbered my baby Ronin :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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:sweat_smile: I’m sure that it won’t happen again if you try my base with Ronin again…

Who cares. An attack isn’t worth making a forum about lol… just hit them back and keep doing your thing.

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The forum is getting boring since our mischievous trolls have been banned. :confused:

You post whatever you wanna Mister/Sister OP! :rose:


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  1. Want to show off
  2. Want to chat
  3. Want easy egg mission base.
  4. Bored
  5. Atlas (credit to @GoldFangSniper)

You forgot #5… Atlas!!! :joy::ghost:

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Amazing :scream::raised_hands::joy:

Who would that be?

They have not gotten me yet. :smiling_imp:


(post withdrawn by author)

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Actually, just because you’re tired of hearing about a poster’s issues and have had your say on the matter does not mean it needs to be closed for further comment, Ancalagon. Why does this forum have such officious mini-mods? If you think a comment is inappropriate or off-topic you can flag it. If you’re just not interested, maybe just let it be instead of bumping it.

On topic: OP, this game doesn’t have a player search, so this is how you check someone out.
They knew your name but maybe not your team and wanted to look you up and greet you thus. Whether an attack from them is meant as a friendly “Hi” or a slap or a challenge you can either ask them or wonder or just don’t worry and carry on with your life.

There’s a decent chance they were responding to your previous forum post, but anything is possible.


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This thread has degraded beyond all usefulness. Closing…

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