Congrats PG on red envelopes

You guys hit it out of the ballpark. Players seem happy, you sold a shit ton of packs and I haven’t seen one thread complaining. If I could point out that this is how things should work. I really hope we can keep this trend going.


^^^ this guy speaks the truth. Granted there has been a little complaining but it’s been minimal and mostly related to the new dragon. For which this little gift is essentially tied to, as without the dragon I’m sure this envelope wouldn’t of even been thought of.

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Even without the dragon the envelopes and its line are worth it. :+1:

I agree. The envelopes are a good move. If nothing else, people love being able to buy something without gambling for once. And the gift aspect is really fun, too. Kudos!


Ah yes, that means I need to clarify…the issue is actually, that there Is another seasonal line at all. It’s not with the dragon itself.


I love the red envelope gift idea. It’s nice to give something to my teammates that is super useful. Seriously who would not want signils. Thanks PG for this idea. Can’t wait to see what the next one is!

ABSOLUTELY. Makes the game fun again. And generosity among team members is what this game’s about!

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I keep hearing about these red envelopes today, would someone please send me one so I can see what all the fuss is about?



Both Valentines and Red Envelopes are meant to be traded, so :smiling_imp:

It’s the day after valentines days, traditionally the day you buy discount candy for yourself.


I’m having a blast with this


It got my Neptus! Didn’t think I’d get it but they made it possible.


I think they should be available through the end of this season. @PGCrisis

I disagree. This should stay as originally planned. Great one time value.

Loved it.


I wish you could purchase them for yourself though :neutral_face:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Red Envelopes! I have bought a bunch of them! PG…what a great idea this was! Please do more stuff like this!

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The only downside is that my bank thought it was “suspicious activity” and suspended my card. 24 hours later and it got suspended again. Too many small purchases of the same amount. (I was buying for the family - four accounts) All sorted now, but surely between them PG and iTunes can get a “shopping cart” like other online stores so we can purchase multiple items.

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That’s not the first time I’ve heard of the red enevelopes flagging a fraud concern.

Mine too. :slight_smile: and when I look at my statement it does look “suspicious”.

Not just liking the red envelopes, but bringing back the gifting option entirely. I love to give gifts to my teammates and was bummed one day when I went to give a gift and that option was gone.