Congratulation on your 3rd year for war dragons

Hi congrats on making the third year of war dragons.

Do you think that’s an achievement?

Slowly destroying the game that the player’s used to love, and now remenise about the good old days when there was no mega coins, and pure skill with the way you flew your dragon was the way to win.

Or maybe we should pat you on the back and celebrate on how Atlas was introduced to the game.

Or all the other mistakes you’ve made, or all the ideas that you keep promising. That never get to see the light of day.

Then there are always the bugs that we the player’s have to live with.

I know no game is perfect .

I would love to be proved wrong but the way this game is going I would give 3 more years before it implodes.

I truly hope I’m wrong as I enjoy playing this game, even with the T1000 DRAGON BUG (don’t get me wrong i personally love this bug) and I’ve have made a few friends on my journey.

Maybe you should take notes from the forum community, and start trusting our voices. No more robotic answers of “we are looking into it”.“we are discussing it”.

Be honest with us we will respect you more.

Well that’s my rant over.

Do as you wish forum I can take it.

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