"Congratulations you have unlocked team"

Sorry if it has already been resolved before, but I didn’t found about it with research (or maybe I didn’t use the good keyword).

I’ve start a new account on my old iphone, and I finally guet to build the teamhall, but the window saying “congrablablabla” have pop-up on my screen and I cannot close it. Is there anyway to go back on the game without joins one of the team proposed and leaving it just after? It make me feel bad to do this, and none of the team proposed is interesting for me right now…

You can join a team and leave immediately, if you can’t make it go away.

The teams proposed are probably bronze league teams that don’t really know what they are doing anyway. I can’t recall if you can get rid of this pop up without joining a team.

Once you have joined a team, and then find yourself teamless again, the pop up will return. (I know because I have a 3rd account that’s used only as a placeholder on my team.) However it’s possible to dismiss that pop up without joining a team if you find yourself teamless in the future.

The only downside to joining a team is that you will never have access to global chat again, though some people aren’t bothered by this issue.

I would have preferred not do this, but if nothing better…
But thank you

Well, I got silver and gold teams too, but they are not all in English…
I didn’t got this problem with my android account, so it’s quite annoying, but if no other choices, I will do this.
Anyway thank you for answering.

Edit : for the global chat, it doesn’t bother me at all, sometimes it was funny, but most part of the time, I just got sudden feeling for kick lots of lower back…

Restarting the game got me out of it. It’s definitely possible there are many higher levels there. Like 30ish so they would have build the Teamhall

Some people come to the forums asking how to get global chat back because they joined a team and can’t chat with the friends they made in global chat once that happens :upside_down_face: I’m glad you’re not one of the players who are devastated to lose access to the global chat.

That’s the first question I asked on the first Team Chat…

:joy: I didn’t really pay attention to the global chat when I first started playing and my first two teams were pretty awful. I’ve stuck with my third team through thick and thin.

I did restart the game, same as uninstall and reinstall (3 times), nothing, only the list of team was changing…

I didn’t get this problem with my 1st account on android, so I was able to peacefully take my time for found my actual team. But my alt on ios :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You can’t press an exit like button or press a back button on your device?

So, uh, join a bronze team, then take your time and look for another one. It’s your alt account…:man_facepalming:

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No, the menu button from my iphone close the game, and it didn’t have the exit cross on the corner of the pop-up… (I forgot to screen shot that) that’s why I was half startled half annoyed…
On android, I got the exit cross the first time so I just have to close the pop-up and get back the meeting hall to check all the teams.
On my ios, no other choice than join one of the team proposed then leaving just after :expressionless:

For my 1st account, I didn’t pay much attention to the global chat too, but when the moment come to join a team, I looked all the descriptions peacefully until I found what I wanted… and accidentally join the team just under in the list. I got out right away and stick with the one I choose (it’s almost 8 months now)
But I already know what I wanted to do with my alt, so just go in/out another team was annoying me.

So for end this post, I got into one by hazard (a gold III I think), but this time, by curiosity, I took few second for look at the wiki team, and found out they ask their players to get elite account with no exception, I didn’t finish to read their rules… My alt can be F2P only. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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