Connecting the dots

Based on several other threads who recently (and not so recently…) discussed in-game progression, I wanted to summarize a few points:

  • spenders are spending to get end game content with enough of them around to motivate PG to keep their speed of introducing new content AND make it at the same time increasingly expensive
  • Non/low spenders face continuously rising barriers, which means that their progression is becoming slower with each step forward

The issue is NOT for the whales to have their lead. That is deserved and keeps paying the bills. The issue is that the majority of the players is unhappy about the significant slow down of their progress. I am playing this game since 2015 as elite-only and obviously like it. But I am getting to the point that it becomes less exciting to wait months for a new dragon.

We have been unsuccessfully asking for years to see an increase in event rewards, token mission payouts, timers, etc. to match the increasing requirements. Obviously PG understands the mechanics of their game and their unwillingness to give us anything leads to only one conclusion:

It is intended to see non/low-spending players drop out of the game as soon as they reach the “walls”! No effort has been or will be put to keep them as the focus is on new end game content for the whales. New players will always join and be happy with the game progression until Platinum. Some of them will pay their way up the rest will drop. Financially this is even making sense.

To me it looks like I am part of a large player group that unfortunately can’t expect much more from this game…


Uh…Platinum is fine tbh. A few more backbreeds would be nice as @TheRedDelilah mentioned in her Breeding Wall Post.

  • Which tier are you in?

  • What is the goal of this post? To make PG do something? I don’t think they will do anything soon

PG said they were discussing with the developer team about the Sapphire Wall Post. They have decreased the research costs. They added the double token bonus in seasons. Definitely something has been done. However, the Sapphire Wall hasn’t been fixed completely…it is still being “discussed.”
The issue is that the majority of the players is unhappy about the significant slow down of their progress.

As you get farther in games, progress gets slower and it does get more and more challenging. Though some of the increase in speedups, and tokens required are too much for tiers that are well obsolete.

True years.

This game is dying anyways.

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