Connection Error to the Server

Anyone has that issue of connection error to the game? Game always stuck loading at 99% and then it pop out the connection error notification. Afterwards when you pressed retry, it says’ Hello there! We are currently updating our servers. Please check back later!’ This thing has been happening for over 2 weeks and the support team kept saying they will look into it but its taking too long. I have missed so many wars and events. Been playing this game for almost 2 year and this happened…Anyone with any idea on what is going on please let me know. Players with similar predicament can also share your thoughts. Thanks!

If u havent yet, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and maybe hard reboot device. Best of luck to you.

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Uninstall / reinstall like Nazty says after you ensure you have a Pocket ID and can log in. Happens to me usually after I follow a particular team mate and heal a dragon as I am preparing to back him. Happened again just this morning.

First time it happened I believed the “we’re upgrading our servers…” message and missed the last two hours of a PVP event.


If uninstalling/reinstalling does not work, please contact support.

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