Connection Failure


Since yesterday I can not enter the game. When I try download the game I get a system message about a bad connection with support id for tech message.
I wrote a letter with a screenshot of the problem in the support service. Now wait… Event not wait me…

Maybe anyone have and repair this problem? Re-download game package maybe? My internet unlim, fast and stabble…



I’m seeing more reports of this error, is there an issue with a select group of players not able to log in?


At the moment I know that my friend with iPhone normally comes into play. Last night a few of his friends from the guild on Android also could not enter.


Now I’ve done a complete removal of the game and a new installation. The game was loaded with no errors now. I lost a day and a half of the event and a ton of meat, but at least I can play) So, solving the problem - full reinstallation of the game. Tnx.


Thanks for sharing. I do know that this has not worked for some players who are getting this issue getting into beta.


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