Connection issues, or hurry up and wait!

Since this last update it seeems there are a lot more connection issues and lag. Is anything being done to address this @PGJared

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Okay this is getting impressive @PGJared

Just now I was notified that I was being attacked. When I tried to defend myself it said the request took to long to reach the servers. By the time I cleared that notification the attack was over. Which in essence means that the attack was almost over if not over at the exact time I was notified of it.

Lag on attacks and while defending is bad enough, but this is just crazy.

im having same issues. On network 4g full bars and with wifi 300mps. No difference, cant join attacks or if some joins me i drop connection.

Android, note 5.

No issues before last 2 updates.

Anything i can try and do on my phone? nothing running other than WD

Help, driving me cray cray

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