Connection issues!

Hello, ive recently changed wifi providers and since then i cant connect properly to the game (cant hit pvp or get into Atlas). Anyone had this before or got any tips, its doing my head in!!!

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I started having trouble with event (pvp and opening chests) and atlas (failing to load at all or getting an error on loading) around the time of the last game update when I also updated iOs. After 37 messages backhand forth with support (no, no one else is having issues, why do you ask?), they’ve told to me try apple support, because somehow now it’s clear it’s a device issue.

Some of the things that help some are clearing memory space, not running other apps, refreshing app, or restarting device. Support will give you a bunch of other things to try.

Not sure if this is the same problem, but when I bought a new router (A), my game started giving me connection failure message whenever I start the game and atlas button was gone when I actually load into the game after a few times of tapping retry button.

The same issue started for 2 other members of my family when they were using wifi (A).

Using the data connection was the simplest option, but for the family members who didn’t choose unlimited 5g plan, I ended up buying another router (B) and installed that on the living room downstairs, and my old router (C) as a repeater upstairs on one the display shelves in the hallway our family gaming room and guest rooms are adjacent to.

Connecting to the new wifi from either one of (B) or (C) bypassed the issue.

I’m not sure what was causing this as other 8 family members didn’t have the issue even when connected to the wifi (A).

Support’s typical responses (to keep enough spare storage space, to clear memory/cache, to fully close of the game and the other apps, to restart the device, and to reinstall) definitely did not fix the issue. :joy: Besides, I do all that before I bother contacting anyone anyways.

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Im imagining a 3 story multi family home with a family full of WD addicts dwelling inside

Had the same issue, i changed the dns server in the wifi settings of my new wifi connection to a vpn servers dns and the issue still there but not frequent as before

I believe the issue js with service provider, PG cant really do anything about it.

The service provider considers, PG "malicious " Or suspicious hence they are blocking the urls

My assumption : It will also fix itself if you call your isp and tell them about unblocking whatever is that they are blocking related to the app

…Surprisingly well guessed.


Thank you all for responding i really appreciate it. I also live in a 3 story house and my family all have had no bother whatsoever, only thing that doesnt work is bloody War Dragons (i must be addicted as its really bothering me lol). Ive tried everything PG has told me to try but still getting the same error messages. Ive got 1 main router and 2 other extenders, I’ll be honest i don’t think i can specifically pick which one i connect too but no matter which one i am it still doesn’t work. Ive tried to change the dns thingy but again still doesnt work. And ive ran out of data already, can anyone help???

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Try contacting your provider
For it me it also worked when im using vpn, but the game was too slow.
Dont remember clearly.

It should work with another modem from a different service provider.
Eg. It didnt work with my home wifi but public wifi worked.

Welcome to the PG zone.

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I started playing just last year and thank goodness i really liked the game cause i had major connection issues. Couldn’t get in most battles, idk about atlas cause i didn’t have it back then. First time i would connect to my wifi i would log in easily and was able to play. After a while I’d get en error trying to enter a battle and from there I’d keep getting it . BUT the second time (in a row, without disconnecting from my wifi) I’d try to open the game I’d get the same error during log in, even if i didn’t get the error in the previous session. I could eventually open it but battles would be broken already. It was unplayable of course since you spend time looking for a base to attack without knowing if you could attack it or had to close the game. I played on data a lot. Other wifi used to work well.
Worry thing is I read a topic about it, looked like the same problem. Was from 2018 I’m pretty sure. I couldn’t solve it with any of the suggestions there. It’s not about router settings. I read others have been told by their providers it wasn’t their fault. I guess it’s correct cause i didn’t change provider, we eventually changed router and then wd finally started not giving issues. This is the WD mystery to me. Maybe vpn could help i don’t remember what i read, i didn’t try it.

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Yeah you’re now one of us😁.
Welcome to club😎.

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Ive tried everything but nothing has worked, same errors and now cant hit anything but it does let me breed, completely random!! Looks like its the end of war dragons for me, anyone know of any other games?

Anyone have a clue about if the app has a domain?

Mate. Move on to another game.

Not worth the stress

Im having the same problem now.only data connection fixes it.

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Replace 710 with whatever client version you’re using in the future.

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This may sound daft but does your wifi have a “guest log in”?

Hmmmm none bro.
I noticed after a day it gets fixed on its own.idk what is up with that tbh.lols

The solution thats worked for me is to access my wifi through the guest login, honestly no idea why that works but it has

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Probably has something to do with how the guest connection connects to the server which may be different than the actual wifi connection. Something like a it goes from:
Home > Location A > Server
Home Guest > Location B > Server

Location A may be heavy in terms of traffic compared to Location B which is why there is no issue connecting to the game when you used guest wifi.

I experience this from time to time on certain websites that I have to switch from to or other DNS until it lets me connect to that website.

That said, that’s just what I see based on experience. It may be different for others.