Connection issues

Is there anyone else having MAJOR issues when assisting in an attack and the person switches before you fully load into the attack and it constantly kicked you from the game? Then it gives you the message saying “could be due to poor internet connection”


Not major but usually I don’t have any lag and minor problems here and there.

But the lag/crashes and just not being able to join battles have for me been significantly worse after the update and new season.

EDIT* One thing that is very annoying and I’ve been meaning to bring it to their attention is when there is some lag all the sudden and it pauses gameplay.
It pauses everything except certain spells like elemental barrier for instance if you activate spell and then have some lag everything pauses but spell continues so by the time starts back up your barrier is gone and your opened up to all that damage. It’s very annoying!


I’ve noticed that problems like this post-update have become a lot more frequent. It’s pretty irritating.

This! Alot since spring update. Wrote also a ticket.
It’s a MAJOR issue, we can’t reliably join XP and war runs anymore, which messes up xp-multipliers(workarround: crash game on purpose to remain multiplier) and gives the opponent unnecessarily defensive points.

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