Connection lag/exploit in War


We are in a war with alpha team, at first it seemed like any usual war they declared on us which of course isn’t the problem. When attacking their players, our backer gets kicked off in the battle on certain bases as if it were rigged to do so. This was proven when we attacked a player outside of war and outside of league just to make sure it wasn’t our internet and it was flawless. We then tested it with multiple devices on the same player in which the attack showed the same issue, the backer kept getting kicked off and it was for that base specifically. I am in the process of recording a video for the sake of showing this in action.

Test Log

  • Device iPad Mini 3 and iPhone 8+ On player “Epic Sushi”. Result: Backer kicked out.
  • Device iPhone 6+ and iPhone 8+ On player “EpicSushi” Result: Backer kicked out
  • Device iPhone 6+ and iPhone 8+ On player “EpicSushi” Result: Backer kicked out

Could this be a result of a glitch within the server or an exploit used by the player(s) of this team? Other members of our team are experiencing similar issues with this player and a few others on his team “AlphaTeam” I know much of this game is server based .

Hope to get some insight

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When do the backers get kicked? (Immediately or when swapping). Is it the same island/base location?

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Immediately, as soon as you joined the battle you’d get kicked out, I had help from my team leader to prove me wrong she has the same results. @WikiButterfly

It seems to be consistent with a few bases on their team, the one I’ve been working with was “EpicSushi” I’ll run one and post a screenshot in a few.

I think you should record the video ,using replays recording or recording screenshot on IPhone
It looks really strange …
I have an issue with attacking-if defender have bed connection-my game will be frozen,and I won’t be able to use spells normally (I have perfect connection and not old device)

I can only suggest,if it’s exploiting,and it’s same connection problem…maybe they are just switching on airplane mode so it will kick you.

But I don’t understand why it kicking only 2 A :thinking:

What dragon first attacker been using?
Is it possible that it’s kind of glitch which we have earlier with Tengu,when backup have been kicked if first dragon was Tengu?

Better to see it,of course.

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I have had that happen with sync errors before but it is weird that it is happening consistently across multiple devices.

When I get defenders my game comes to a standstill or I get networked delayed when I’m defending against an attack with more than one attacker. Game runs fine with no defenders and I have 2 teammates joining me. It’s getting pretty unbearable to do backup in war runs or do event attacks. I have an S7 with the snapdragon processor which has pretty good speed. Just did a speed test and I have decent internet speeds so I’m not sure what’s going on.


It was multiple dragons, Sekronos on the iPad mini 3, Khrysos and Kinarrus on the 6+ so the dragons made no difference. Which led me to believe it was a server base issue or an exploit. I have a gaming wifi router for live streaming and I know it wasn’t my wifi.

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