Conquer castle mechanism used to take gold


So there’s been a few threads about teams using castle conquer mechanics to avoid running cooldowns on their castles. The castle conquer mechanics can also be used to steal gold.

This happened to our team today where a player joined our team, and worked in coordination with a Japanese team, to steal gold for that team by having us “lose” a castle multiple times.

Before everyone tells us that we’re nubtards for that to happen…

  • Yes, it’s milk already spilt. We have opened a support ticket.
  • This exploit can also be exploited even by “trusted” team members if things so south.
  • I want to call attention to this because it sucks for the teaming losing the gold, and to call attention for PG to take a deeper look at addressing this by updating castle conquer mechanics.

Given the following thread, I hope PG can treat this seriously address those who abuse gameplay mechanics.
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Did they have shield access? Or, how did you lose it multiple times?


Conquer, lose, reconquer, lose, rinse and repeat.

This was a player that started off by “conquering” a castle from the Japanese team.

I don’t know the exact mechanics, so my assumption is that 1) there is no grace period for owning a castle 2) you can conquer a castle and lose it right away with no guards hired 3) the Japanese team was working in coordination with that player to conquer and lose.


Guessing the castle in question had neither troops nor guards?

That sounds like a “your team” problem.


It sounds like an any-team-that-has-auto-accept problem


Well that’s just one part. Then there are questions of how the enemy gained access to castle, and how the hell does a team lose all their guards without anyone noticing.


What happens is someone takes advantage of auto accept. They already have a castle lined up without prims or guards and conquer. Their real team then conquers it back to get the gold from the target team. New member can then reconquer, and start the fun over again. Literally all it takes on the victim teams part is having auto accept on


It’s not that they lost guards, but they lost a castle that was recently took, for example a NZ access T4


Or the culprit starts the “sequence” with conquering.

Yes, that’s how it started.

The player that started the sequence is currently not on the team (to avoid getting the Japanese team being punished?), but I believe it would be correct to say that those on the team also took an active part.

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The culprit is everyone in this game is a backstabber and can be a jerk.

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Um….don’t conquer those? :man_shrugging:

Ooh smart

You’re missing the point here
By some mess up on recruiting someone came in, purposefully conquered, lost a castle to their main team, then reconquered a castle to steal gold.


Yeah I got it now. Smart I said :joy:

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Right, don’t have auto accept switched on. I know that the above described team uses this tactic a lot in the last time.

When this has happened in the past it has resulted in a temporary ban for players on the team involved.


Thats your teams fault , why is that an exploit

Well this has been an interesting experiment in reading comprehension :rofl: