Conquer The World battle chest not showing up after raid

I just did 4 raids. Each time earning 2-3 chest. After the raid in the tally, it showed 0 chest. Anyone else experience this issue?

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Same issue here… Got three silver chests but they never appeared

  1. Note that the chest after raid (showing together with raid result) is different from the chest from destroying monuments.
  2. Is it silver? During pvp event like this one, silver chest is replaced with runic. It should appear during non pvp event.

So I will get them after the event??

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They didn’t show up as runic either

They will show up during non pvp event (such as feeding, breeding, and fortification). Probably next event.

You can only buy runic chests with rubies, unless you happen to have a free bonus chest ready when the runic chests appear. As OrcaFrost said, you will be able to open your silver chests after the runic chests go away, which will likely be next week.

They are the silver chest. Does this mean after the event we’ll get the missing chest?

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Any silver chests that drop during this event can be claimed next non pvp event. I assume fortification is next and you can redeem them at that time.

I swear people do NOT know how to use the search function. Look what I found when I used it (Thats 50+ results for “no silver chests”)


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Sorry Liz. When I looked up thins subject 0 results came up. With that said it appearance to be not just silver chest burn all.
SOme games they do show up others 0. Not looking at the others you copied and paste. Looks like I’m not the only one who’s ever experienced this.
But I have not seen a solutions, that and I’ve had to retype this server times with the game locking up on me.

And all those posts are from November 2017.

The answer is still relevant, even though those were back in november last year :laughing:

Basically you still get your silver chests, you just can’t open them until the runic ones go away. Until they change things so that you can have silver chests AND the runic ones showing up on the same armory screen, there will invariably be someone who comes to the forums and asks what happened to the silver chests they earned.

This question gets posted multiple times every time we get runic chests. Runic chests are junk anyways so can we get rid of runic chests so we don’t have to keep seeing this question every few weeks?!?!? Lol :joy: :joy::joy::joy:

The runic chests should go away after the event. The silver chests will pop up again so you can open what is there from the end of the event on Monday (@ 4 PM PST) until Tuesday (when the icon goes away). :rose:

Edit: The runic chests are still there even though the event ended. Maybe I remembered wrong :thinking:

My Chest Toooo not Openenned On screen shows -server not working !!! I’m really not happy and it’s not first time

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