Conquer the World broken by Mega Coin?

Does anyone see teams with over 100k acres since the Mega Coin? I don’t. I used to see the acres between teams having much more variation. Now it is 15 teams all with the same VP because everyone uses Mega Coins on the team holding the most acres.

I think it is more related to the fact that anything more than 45k acres is enlarge territory and we started with 42k. In the past I seem to recall it was more like 2x the starting average befire it was considered large. And the description. Says you start with 21k in the rules. :thinking:

My platinum league has about a 3% spread in points from 1st to 22nd.

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Interesting, thanks for the info. Mega Coin is also part of the problem though, its too easy to take many acres in one hit. As soon as a team gets ahead, they get hit with a Mega and so the many top point teams are sitting between 40k-46k acres.

True, anyone over about 44k gets acted stolen and IF you hit 48-50 by doing mega you get super megaed by everyone and end up at 38k in our league.

I’m enjoying how it is easier to get points. Look for the team that is up and hit them.

You mean Conquer the World? Scared me saying KOTH, thought they messed up the only good pvp event.


Fixed, thx for the heads up.

No problem :+1:
Edit: addressing the point. Can’t say I really remember the average in this event, since I’ve never been an IF event fan, but average seems to be 45-50k acres held this go around.

Conquer the world absolutely sucks! Nothing fun about it tbh. No points for the many failed attacks because of defenders or random supershots. Wasted inner fires, hours of grinding or spend money and do megas, so difficult to get a good prize…so boring. PG make events fun again…


Mega coins break pretty much all the events. I would expect this to be one of the less impacted events due to the accumulation over time mechanism.

Remember the prime rule of WD: No amount of player activity or skill can overcome the wallet of a whale.


The points on this event haven’t been adjusted since they did away with the bonus meter which sucks not very many people will be able to max the event and the prizes in this one are just pathetic. It’s a life suck grind event now with very little reason to want to do it. And using mega coins in this one is a huge waste the most you can get from them in this one is 4K the other PvP event you can get almost 10k points way more bang for your buck

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This event badly needs an overhaul. Stagnant 120-130 pt values no an difficulty bonus. The hours an hour of grinding needed is insane. The 2-400 energy packs ya need as well as the 1-300 fires ya need makes it for such an intense grind for minimal results. Not to mention every team in every league is about dead even in point values ya swing from 1-17 an back ina few minutes there is no competition just luck an grinding.

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You shouldn’t get any points unless you win the attack. If you can beat the base you are hitting with defenders, then hit a smaller base.

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True. I attack a lot of 200s and a few 300s in my gold 1 league and as much as I hate a defender, its something you have to accept. What kind of defender wastes hammers on a level 92 with a level 300 base anyway? I just let them use hammer after hammer lol

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