Conquer the World Places 1-10 VERY VERY CLOSE POINTS

In our event the top 10 or more place change hands every time it updates the leaders. This has been going on for the entire event. Who else is seeing this? Either almost all the teams in our league are equal in attacks, levels, spending, etc or something is being “adjusted”.

Same in my league. Top 7 have same score and rest of league very close behind. Scoring doesnt look right.

Something has changed for this event as well. In most sapphire leagues. Teams 1-15 are exact same or .01-.03 diff. Which changes every minute. There is no competitive lead any more. Something seems very broken

Wonder if it is being “controlled” or adjusted to make us more competitive and spend more?

Same here but fully expect the wave of mega coin attacks will put all but a few out of the running later today. Like 15 minutes before the event ends. So much for the 52k points I struggled to achieve. Not much strategy in this event if you don’t have the fat wallet to back it up.

Great. How long does it take to figure out if there’s a problem. Hopefully before the event ends.

Approx 42 days.


I had sent in screen shots.

From Facebook…

Same in Plat though I am Jelly of your rewards. :slight_smile:

A team gets points for every hour they hold on to their acres. A mega-attack in the last 15 minutes won’t change much, even if a team goes up to 100K acres they’ll only get 0.025M points in those last 15 minutes.

That’s re-assuring then. With the very close scores it won’t take too much to go from 1st to 11th.

Same problem even in Plat 4. And even on my alt, which is in silver, the points ranking between the top two teams is very close, even though we have held double the acreage most of the time

I am in two sub leagues of Gold 1 and Plat 4, it’s all same here as well .

That’s definitely weird. In my Gold 3 league the scores are also very close, second to seventh within 0.02M pretty much all of the time. But those teams are also very close in acres all the time, bouncing between 48k and 54k depending on which team has more people awake, so for me the close scores seemed reasonable. Holding twice a competing team’s acreage for even a few hours should really pull a gap though.

We haven’t had the same issue in our Gold II league, we’ve built up a fairly steady lead throughout the event, but I have noticed that compared to a lot of previous Conquer events, there hasn’t been as much mega growth of certain power teams. I would normally expect the leader (in this particular case us) to have a more sizable land holding which makes the growth in the lead continue to build at a faster clip, but in this event it seems like we and at least 20 of the teams in the league all continue to fluctuate in the 45-55k acre range with my team hitting over 60 for brief periods of multiple attack activity.

This is also being discussed here:

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