Conservatives/liberals in war dragons

Just a general question as i’m interested in finding out what other people’s experiences have been.
Has anyone else found that English-speaking players in this game tend to hold political views strongly on one side of the political spectrum (I’m not saying which one my own experience has been because I don’t like bringing politics into the game as things tend to get nasty).
I’ve been on 3 teams over the last year and joined the Line group for each team. Inevitably the discussions would end up touching on US politics and it seemed that pretty much everyone contributing would have a particular set of opinions on it and all agree with each other. Unfortunately my own opinions are different but I just keep quiet because discussion tend to go along the lines of how they can’t stand people who think like me!
I have to add that everyone is friendly to me without knowing this.
So I’m wondering if the other people who think like me are staying quiet for the same reason or have I just joined a game where most people tend to be very strongly of a certain political leaning.
The fact it’s happened on all 3 teams now can’t be a coincidence??
This is my alt account and I haven’t joined the Line group for my current team.


US politics… and on Line. So it’s about politics outside the game being discussed on a platform outside the game.

Also I have no idea what the question is, are you asking if anyone has taken a census of the game’s population to ask their opinion on US politics, and then if that opinion is the same as the opinions you’ve encountered which you don’t want to disclose.

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I tried ‘politics’, title wasn’t long enough. On reflection ‘in game’ was a stupid addition. My bad

I’m on a super conservative team. I’m not super conservative. I don’t mention my views but instead of discussing the game in Line people post pictures of their guns and constantly say they hate liberals etc.
I never attack anyone’s views, or mention my own.
I was wondering is there any point in looking for another team if all 3 I have been on so far have been the same. Is it s coincidence?
I’m actually trying to find out if there are less super conservative teams out there or ppl who can keep politics out of the game. I didn’t mention specifics because I hear enough ‘liberals should shut up’ comments in Line already

My team, and the one I used to be in previously, both had a bunch of players from all over the world (S. Africa, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Central Asia, Australia) and it happened from time to time that we discussed politics.

No matter what views one had, those, who wanted to join the conversation, respected their mates. We didn’t grab each other’s throat, had an intelligent discussion.


I don’t have line, so I’ve been able to avoid this kind of thing. I have no idea about my teammates political views and I’m glad about that. I’m here to play War Dragons, if I wanted a political debate I’d spend more time on Facebook or the likes…


I think there has only been one conversation on my team that touched on politics. It was short-lived but respectful.


We don’t discuss real world politics on my team. If someone tries, we steer it a different direction.


I do think there’s point in looking for another team for sure then. An international team should be a safe bet as it’s very likely to be more diverse. And of course as others have mentioned a lot of teams try to limit this kind of drama by not discussing topics like politics and religion that tend to become divisive.


This one of the reasons I moved from my last team. I’m happy now in Zen
I thing that Morreion says is true, that last team was from 1 country only (Brazil) and politics surged from time to time. A more diverse international team helps to avoid such discussions or at least make it more interesting.

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Ah, my leadership had a discussion on this a while back.

“Bring the politics to the politics chat, please.”
“What politics chat?”

Really, why talk politics when you can troll @DocHoIIiday into thinking you microwave tinfoil-wrapped turkeys on Thanksgiving as a foolproof meal to impress guests?


There are quite a few places l keep my political leanings to myself. The redneck county agency I work for, family get togethers and War Dragons :crazy_face:

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I play the game to have fun, not to discuss politics. Certain things shouldn’t be discussed IMO. It’s not like anyone will change anyone’s political thoughts so what’s the point of discussing? Just to hear one’self?

I’m not sure I would put much credence into what anyone says anyhow. It’s so easy to hide behind a keyboard and ramble whatever you want with little accountability.

I don’t even fall into the is player x a he, she or something in between. It just doesn’t matter


Our team has players from all over the world, including the US, and a broad spectrum of political opinions. Even the US players have a range of political views, as one would expect, given that not everyone in the US shares the same views :joy:

US politics has basically become a reality TV show since 2009.


I think I noticed some of that on tv… :joy:


I would like to be a part of these types of conversations :eyes:


Join my team and you can be Kate #11 :eyes:


I think @Warlord would frown on me paying a visit :joy::joy:

(Don’t worry Warlord, at this point, the only way you’ll get rid of me is with a pry bar :rofl:)