Consider a Refund for Green Research Eggs Spent Before the Change


So when Grogg was made 1/2 off, the players that spent on him before that without the knowledge that there was going to be a reduction to thier sigils back which I think was good. The feedback was positive all around. However, using that same logic, could the players who spent a ton of green research eggs before the change be refunded. Or even better the amount of egg tokens spent on them. I spent so many to try and get through research and now others can do it for half of it. I think people would appreciate it…anyone else agree?


I flagged this for moderation. I really enjoy going through the forums and reading people’s opinions and ideas. Are you aware other posts exist about this topic?


This was discussed many times in the last forum, and it wont be , and that is very logical !

Here is the old link :

The point about Grogg was that it was inside this season, and that it was a spontaneous decision, which wasnt announced that way during the explanations.
Thats why it was only logical inside this short period , inside the same season to change it for all!

The research center is a very different case from over years, from different ages to eachother.
People got many of them about events and specials for different condition, the chests was different these days aswell, and many other things… If interested read the old topics about it.

Shortly … its only logical to get NO refund, and i thought every person who is able to think clear AND know how this works here with PG, dont need to repeat themselfs for it.
In past some weapons were easier to build for less builder level, for less amount of things… Do you think we player from today, or new ones, can ask for that condition ? What higher , older player had. … No we cant … its logical …why not.

Can i ask for the chest and event conditions of older times, no we cant… and believe it, they was far better then today!

Shorty… there will be no refund for that… people probably used that tokens during specials and more, and got in exchange something for… Anyway i described many times why it wont be ,… so just think about it or read older topics.

Now good news are around aswell, not just the dark side… Of course a halfed research center was necessary for all players, and they changed that false calculated system for these days…
But this is just 1 of some steps… for future there could be better features which helps more.

I opened once a topic to help in this case even more… it was about adding research eggs to some prizelines inside Breeding event , here :, and @PGJared said he will walk about, so lets wait, things need there time!

The way people just try to milk more of PG then they should instead of being “happy” for the newer players, for the people, makes me a bit angry about this, maybe thats why i repeat myself too about… I hope people wont be so jealous and start working forward !


And here in the new forums: Research reductions


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