Consider backer levels in determining resource payouts from raids

Currently, resource payouts from raids are scaled based on the primary attacker’s level relative to the defending base’s, to incentivize hitting at your own level or higher. This is a good idea, but it has a loophole in that the primary attacker can just invite a high level backer along and get unpenalized payouts.

Here are the three types of raids you face if you’re a mid level with a good base:

  1. People your level try to hit you. You defend. They all die. All of them. It’s glorious. This is your reward for building a good base and then defending it.

  2. People 100 levels and 1-2 dragon tiers above you hit you. They win and get small amounts of resources. This is common and dumb but also largely without consequence.

  3. People your level or lower hit you with a backer 2-3 tiers above you. They win* and get resource payouts as though they were David killing Goliath, when in fact they are Goliath killing David. This is a bad dynamic.
    * Unless their backer has an emerald Avyx or Ferga and somehow manage to get shot down on e.g. a level 122 base, but hahaha how would that even happen?

#3 is a bad dynamic and seems like a loophole in the mechanics. It’s particularly annoying for low and mid-levels, since the power scaling is such that skilled defenders versus unskilled attackers still might not be able to hold a base if said unskilled attacker is 2 tiers above them. It tends to happen a lot in resource events (fort or feeding), because most high level players finish the event early and then have nothing to do.

I’d propose that we use the maximum level among all attackers who actually attacked to determine raid payouts. I.e. if you defeat the base in round 1 with 2 backers, payout is based solely on the primary attacker. If you defeat the base in round 2 or 3, payout is based on you and your first backer’s levels, whichever is greater. If you defeat it in round 4 or later, payout is based on the maximum level of you and your two backers.

Anticipated objection: But doesn’t this mean I could get less resources than advertised, if a high-level backer joins my raid?

Response: Indeed it does! You could resolve this problem by either not pressing the “invite teammates” button or managing to defeat the base on your own.


For what it’s worth, my own response to this sort of thing is to farm the backer and bring along two alts to really soak up the resources, but this isn’t a solution available to most people. :man_shrugging:

I think this would discourage teamwork.

I would recommend that if the primary attacker’s resources gain is adjusted in any way, then he/she be allowed to set a maximum level allowed to join his/her attack.

I mean, this game encourages teamwork, to penalize someone for actually using their teammates is counterproductive.


It encourages a high level player who’s a tad unscrupulous (not sure if that’s REALLY the word I want but it’ll do) to get his low level players to “lead” an attack that was on HIS (the bigs) list so that they can get ridiculous amounts of resources… I know because there’s no way a level 100 has me show up on his list … something needs to change somewhere…it’s insane that someone can take 600k plus in one shot no matter what level they are

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Not a bad amendment. It does seem like more work for the devs, which decreases the probability of this suggestion ever seeing the light of day, but it’s a good idea in principle. (I assume that the dev team has allocated a total of 13 minutes per month to spend on non-Atlas content, so I try to make my recommendations cheap. :laughing: )

I think the game’s generally at its best when most defended bases are battles that either side might win or lose, and the results are a consequence of who plays better than the other, which I think is the dynamic that raid payout scaling is meant to encourage. Getting a teammate to press the “I win” button is technically teamwork, but it’s teamwork in a bad, boring sort of game.

So yeah, I’d generally like that “limit backer level” button to avoid playing the bad game myself. :slight_smile:


I can’t complain about feeding teammates players to attack off my list, as I’ve done it numerous times. If PG would actually do something to address resource crunches during events, it wouldn’t be an issue, at all, but finding resources after the first 15 minutes of a fort until Sunday or Monday or all weekend during a feeding event is all but impossible.

I don’t think we will ever see any improvements if it isn’t related to Atlas, minus new $easonal content. Sad, but true.


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