Consistent atlas killing troops recorded

Good day,

I would like to understand the calculation mechanism on amount of troops you killed in Atlas.

All screenshots from this morning, and different results.

I don’t have a perfect answer for you (mine are all different too), but in regards to the atlas quest one, have you had atlas for longer than those quests existed?

The achievements only came to live a few months ago. I know, because I have over 40 legendary gear, but the Achievements show only 28.

I believe that the Achievements only count those troops you killed while attacking, those who died during defense will be ignored, but included in the ledger.


that quest as far as I know only records kills when you are the attacker.

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Ok for the quest one but I am curious about the team contribution screen and the global ladder screen. 12 millions vs 14 millions…

Global: ALL TIME
if I’m reading it correctly… And then you have had a very productive March. Congrats!

Hehe, actually you have both on the team sheet, 2 million in March and 12 million all time.

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what made most sense to me is the number shown on global chart, includes the number of your troops that you killed off too additional to the enemy troops. :man_shrugging:

Thought the quest just added the kills since it was implemented. so guess you had a bunch of kills before then.

And ofcourse, the Ledger only your kills.

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