Consistent Crash Issues

Every PVP event with the island up leaves me with consistent crash issues. This issue is wasting my energy, Inner Fires, regular boosts and health potions along with damaging my overall points, effecting my personal achievements as well as what I am able to contribute to my team.
Leaves me not even interested in playing when on average 3 out of 4 of my battles crash. Not even worth it to me to use energy packs.
I have done ALL trouble shooting, several tines, submitted several tickets and all I ever get told is to do MORE trouble shooting or “the team is working on it”.

Device, up to date, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
App, up to date, been reinstalled several times
Only device, only account
Phone cleaned, optimized for performance, all other apps closed
Tested reliable and strong data connection

This issue first appeared with the release of update 3.0 which has been nearly a year, more than enough time to resolve while they continue to release new concepts.

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The current event is the glitchiest I’ve seen it in a while, with plenty of synch errors, kicked backers and missing banners. Doesn’t help you I know…but you’re not alone.

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Would be more under stable if my crash issue was tied to this event, there for eonly rearing it’s evil little head every so many weeks. Unfortunately, because I believe it to be linked with the island, it is every other week. So, I’m a sitting duck until the Capture the Flag (I believe) shows up and I can use all my Energy Packs on Raiding.

As the phone has 3 GB of RAM, I’d have to wonder if it’s a memory issue, possibly related to the thread below :frowning: . Have you tried turning down all the settings to lowest?

For something more technical, have you tried checking the max memory usage on the phone? I’m not sure on Samsungs, but something like Settings > Memory > Memory used by apps > three vertical dots in the upper right > sort by max usage. War Dragons will sometimes top out at just under 2 GB, which is likely too much for your phone if it isn’t adjusting properly.

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I did reduce my in game setting, which why a temporary help but not a solution.

I will see if I can find the memory setting you are referring to. But, I don’t feel like it is my device for several reasons…only happens when island is up and the app ran smooth as glass prior to update 3.0 which indicates a change somewhere in the coding.

Not for me. Brand new device only a few months ago and the game is still one glitch after another. Why do players trot out the bullshit lines from PG that seek to make it player tech issues and not the game itself?

Because players have to find ways to make the game more stable for themselves until PG addresses it? :woman_shrugging: Also, the memory leak thread linked is pretty clearly on PG’s end.

One of my main issues was from a service provider app gone rogue.

If it’s not my issue, then repeating the garbage we get from PG which attempts to deflect bugs from being their responsibility to being mine doesn’t help them address it. For PG The first step is to admit you have a problem.


It’s not always about main RAM usage. Some cases (see the linked thread forScience posted) it’s due to memory leaks regarding the GPU memory. GPU memory is something Android has no stock “band-aid” settings for. If I may also add, whereas Android does have settings to tweak main RAM useage per app, it is very much not advisable to use those features for Games.

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I also had another thread going in the old forums regarding issues when using a QHD display. @PodunkPrincess yours has one. Go to Settings > Display and change the resolution to something below QHD. I actually use FHD while using WD just to try to keep the game going longer before the GPU memory leaks starts showing symptoms. I use the built in Performance Mode app that the S8 has and have customized the Game Mode display settings so I can just swipe down the notification tray and turn it off and on easier. I don’t know if the S6 ever got this feature added…

Yeah, exactly the same errors and replies we had a year ago and still have. A year later and I’m playing war dragons again, same ‘glitches’ if not more? Come on War Dragons, PodunkPrincess speaks for way too many of us that are experiencing the same problems. Please put some effort into addressing and fixing all of these problems that plague your potentially great game.

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Definitely coding errors. JavaScript errors abound in this game. They could mostly be fixed if time and energy was directed that way. I have no doubt the current Devs have inherited a mess of “Legacy code”
Nevertheless this level of errors and glitches is not acceptable on any type professional application.
PG your users are crying out for releif… imo you would to make this a priority.

i had the same issues in the past using my Galaxy S8…

now i play on a Ipad most of the time…

might not be the answer u wanna hear, but could help u anyways if u plan to get a Ipad…
the regular Ipad 5 costs like 400$

Yea, because this of us experiencing problems just have so much extra money laying around to buy extra devices to a friggin game. Wow. Sounds like PG themselves… Smh.

The point is they need to FIX their game.

Can you imagine if Sony had these type of issues within the PlayStation world? It would TANK their company.

Yes. Yes. YES

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