Consolidate special resources

With the addition of a new currency. Why not also take the opportunity to consolidate several of the special resources.

What I mean is take pearls, ice shards, fire shards, and elemental embers and make them one single currency/resource.

This would:
-help with the people short one or more of them
-simplify prize trees (no more debate over whether to include embers, or pearls)
-simplify building, particularly premium towers/structures
-simplify chest rewards (less likely to receive a resource you don’t want/need as it is now universal)
-remove three currencies that are unique to single structures
-remove possible confusion between the elemental shards outside of atlas and elemental crafting shards in atlas (probably minor)

With consolidation the payout from chests would probably need to be reviewed (likely increased), but some of our data minded members could weigh in here if they like the idea.


That would be awesome but wont happen… PG needs things to water down their gold chests. But it should be done, we have over 20 currencies!

  1. Gold
  2. Rubies
  3. Lumber
  4. food
  5. pearl
  6. Embers
  7. Ice shards
  8. fire shards
  9. Eggs
  10. diamonds…
  11. Sigils
  12. Bull horns
  13. fire crafting shards
  14. ice crafting shards
  15. earth crafting shards
  16. ice crafting hsards
  17. dark crafting shards
  18. Mystic frags
  19. rune dust
  20. Atlas Rider stones
  21. crafting scrolls

Plus these which are only kind of a currency:

  1. healing potions
  2. Timers
  3. Energy/IF/Mega coins
  4. Haste

Did i miss any?

Oh no one tagged Pg… @PGCrisis does this not seem excessive to you?


Please hear this one pg, something needs to be done for the over abundance of some rss and under in others. I would formally ask the ice and fire turret shards at the very least be either taken out of gold chests, or season prizes, and replaced with wood and food boosts, clocks, or anything else to be quite honest lol. Start of a new season…please change this up a little…

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depends how you classify energy packs and inner fire. I know inner fire is technically a spell, but it is also definitely an event resource.

ya i left out those as i figured mega coins covered it lol … healing potions was a debatable one too but i did include that…

Atlas Rider Stones?

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The most important things of all perhaps…

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lol indeed… should timers be on this list? not really a currency… but i did include healing potions which isn’t either…

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Timer (time) is a currency, albeit an abstract one, as it’s used in forging, hatching, building, and research

Crafting scrolls


Yes please! It makes zero sense to have all of these different type of building upgrade currencies.

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