Conspiracy Theory: Removal of Ruby Mine = Issues


Maybe? :see_no_evil:



Very well possibly :laughing:


Ruby mine ? :open_mouth:



What used to be the Ruby Mine is now just charred remains.

Also, that’s an old edit. There is no L5 Ruby Mine. :rofl:


Outwardly, the ruby mine looks useless. Unassuming. Innocent. We did not look upon it with any expectations. Most of us look over it, so accustomed to its presence that we have forgotten about it.
But in actuality it is the barrier between us and endless turmoil. The great maw of hell is held at bay by the grey-stoned structure; its only signs of life are the red glow emanating from within. The demonic cloud of visual glitches, black screens, and relentless crashes has been trapped within the mine under the map for years, watching, waiting, waiting, waiting…

The gate is open now, and it waits no longer. :t_rex:

Earth Flak Tower Official Discussion Thread

an epic saga :rofl:

It really does seem accidentally/unintentionally removed, though… or I’d expect that the shading (or whatever) would be gone. :thinking:


It’s probably an accident. I saw the same kind of shading when my den and research hall weren’t loading right. But let me have my fun :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


Could have been intentional, and they just didn’t do it well (PG) :man_shrugging:


Loved reading this!


So my event screen going black is actually the doing of glitch demons that have finally escaped their prison to reclaim everything I love and shroud it in darkness? :open_mouth:


Yes :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


Thank you, it was past midnight and I guess my inner writer decided to make an appearance after a long absence. But really, anything I can do, @Tinsir can do better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :t_rex:


Sheer genius, @hellraptor.


I hate to be that guy, but the ruby mine is actually still there, it’s just buried under the sand. Try casting chain lightning or some similar round abouts the middle of the beach, you should see it hit & bounce up to hit the rest of the island.


I’m probably one of the few who kept the new UI, i think it could be due to them moving the mine there for the new interface


It appears to be flooded!


Must be located in Venice :laughing:


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