Constant / multiple attacks

I’ve searched, but can’t find this topic anywhere, so I hope I haven’t rehashed an old one.
Kingdom Wars events allow players to attack the same player multiple times, as opposed to other events in which there is a delay before you can attack the same player.
One of my teammates has been attacked within the event over 15 times successively. I have had to mail and ask them to attack someone else for a while, even me, as it has caused frustration to my player.
Is this a bug, or is there any way it can be changed to a delay in attacking the same player as in other events?

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Why is it a big deal though that hes constantly attacked?
He doesnt lose anything, no resources, no gold,… All he maybe loses is his pride, because i assume the reason hes targetted is that he has a weak base for his level, and thus gives good points that lower level players can get.




Go ahead and try to ask me to stop. That will only end with even more attacks.


Due to the lack of teams you can attack in this event, a player finds a high level base that gives max points, of course they’re going to multi attack it. I’m only a LVL 150 and found a LVL 175 with a very weak base so I’ve been hitting them hard (so far they have given me over 8000 points in this event) single flying with no IF until I get a wildfire attack. Not had any complaints from them.
End of event 26.6k points from one player.

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Thanks for the feedback. It doesn’t bother me particularly, personally, but we do have those personalities within teams that get hot headed and cranky with the constant attacks. Hence my teammate brought it to my attention. As leader, I have to try to find a way to make everyone happy. I can’t make every player be as laid back as me…
I just wondered if it was a bug, or something overlooked in the event design, or … what…
All good, though! It is what it is. Thank you


Say thanks to the attacker for pointing out a weakness. The defending player should be redesigning layout and getting immense amount of practice defending to optimize! Have a beer, relax, enjoy!


Tell your player to improve their base and get over themselves.

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I think me alone attacked same base about 30-40 times :man_shrugging:t2:

It has been a painful event … attacking the same base over and over again. :crazy_face:

isnt it that one fault who has a weak base? Now you put it on here and people see that he also has a bad personality. So you need to “fix” him, not the attacker
If he has a stronger base, he wouldnt be sulking.

PGSqurl confirmed that it’s as intended, in order to prevent having no target.

Don’t make me feel bad please :see_no_evil:
I attacked one base repetitively (lost count…), asking my teammates to attack it, and its level is less than half of mine…

Any team have been experienced same … is not about weak base or anything like that , because only full 63 bases are “impossible” to hit with one drag !
Im hitting certainly bases constantly because I learn that base layout and almost all time I do it with one drag , and for me that is more important than finish it using 3 drags and stuffs (since I’m low on potions and IF and energy packs )

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I love pissing off “hot headed and cranky” players lmao. i farm them 24/7. I Don’t care if you message my lead, this is a war game. @OOOOO Boii ya better GIT GUD

It is annoying but then again it is not illegal :man_shrugging:

I don’t really like the way they grouped teams together…there were not a way to attack different teams like in other PvP events. I had to attack the same team, same person over and over again this last event. There were no other teams I could attack really and so it was really my only option in order to gain points. I did attack levels around it for a little variety… but honestly attacking the same base over and over again got really boring, really quick as it was not challenging at all and even that base was several levels higher than me. I would just tell your team mates who get riled up about it, to take it up with PG. Most times, no one is really trying to harrass someone else, at least not during an event like the last one.

There is part of me that wishes that you could not attack the same player repeatedly. That is the part that sees the same base getting hammered on my team.

But, at the same time, it is nice finding a nice level 120 to 130 that my little level 84 dragons can solo for a ton of points and not have to keep searching. It does get a bit repetitive, but it is the mechanic they allow.

Personally, I think I would like to see it where you hit once, then can raid for 1, 2, 3 and so on, and then can hit them again in 4 or 6 hours and have to pick on another target to get points.

But, it is what it is and I can deal with that.


I hate this too, but it does give me a chance to arrange or rearrange my base to strengthen it and surprise the attacker.

great thing is SS quests and defense quests.

Besides the humbling nature, play with it and rearrange it to really take it to the attacker.

after a while you just get used to it … as the highest in my team I give the best points … so I feel a bit like the cake at a fat kids party when these type of events are on …

but I lose no RSS so i just try and not worry too much … AND on the bright side … you get to do your supershot quests


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