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In former times it was easier to breed a certain egg for the revaluation of the workers barracks since the many changes this is no longer possible, which I personally find very annoying.

I think you’re talking about breeding extra eggs for your builder hut and research?

You can still do that (and very fast as well with instant breed), only thing is you have to manually select the parents now.

You can use this page to find suitable parents to use for each specific tier of eggs:


Do you mean actually the mechanics of setting up a breed to get the egg? As in the new quick breed mechanic?

If you manually select the parents you can use instant breed to breed the exact number of extra eggs you need. Instantly.

Which is way faster and less frustrating than how it used to be. I absolutely hated breeding extra eggs before because the autobreed would always stop after you finished the egg… Instant breed can get you so many eggs in practically no time at all :partying_face:

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I know. I am just asking the OP if that was their question

Ah ok I thought that was a really strange question for you! :laughing:

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