Constructive criticism being ignored

Well it is fairly established that PG does not listen to its player base. A lot of good ideas have come out over the years such as scaling older tiers to increase progression or feedback on dragon design. 99% of these brain storming threads and general constructive criticism is ignored. The game is riddled with balance issues, progression issues, bug issues and in general is getting stale. This is a very slow and painful death of a once great game.

In response to this i was thinking lets stop trying to stop the ship from sinking as it were, and give them ideas as to how to sink it faster and put us all out of our misery!

Just remember that PG only does anything if they think it will make them earn money faster, so try to keep that in mind when you make your suggestions.

I’ll start with a couple!

  1. PG you have a history of misleading customers and nerfing dragons after their release. I think you need to do more of this! advertise some amazing dragons with white death gaze or white cloak. Make us pay through the nose for it too! just dont forget to change the spell after you have collected the money though, we wouldn’t want the game to be unbalanced.

  2. We need new tower types that make old ones obsolete, and they definitely should have their own special currency. I was thinking an acid spray Flak tower. This tower would require earth embers (new and rare to find hopefully) and it would be an instant hit long range attack tower than does moderate damage and a delayed corrosive damage. Its special effect would be to blind the dragon (the screen would go black for the attacker for the rest of the battle).

Okay guys what else could PG do to sink the ship faster! errr i mean make lots of money.

your turn!


Unfortunately, this does not seem very productive. We do look at constructive feedback, but it does take us time to implement things.