Constructive feedback inside



My previous post was closed because it was non constructive, maybe I was too satirical so here’s a more direct approach to give feedback.

Every update seems to fix minor problems and create larger issues, over the last 6 months I have had several issues each stemming directly from updates. I have lost wars that should have been easily won, been locked out events completely, and lost hundreds of dollars worth of rubies and items.

I write a support ticket each time only to be given a general auto response and have my ticket closed.

I understand that PG is trying to fix things that we all have problems with, but it seems to me they are making more problems than solving.

In this recent update I lost all of my emails, I cannot effectively defend teammates in war, not can I declare a war.

Moderators if you feel the need to close this because it lacks something, please inform me what that is so that I may add it instead of creating another topic.


Woah this looks bad. I’ve never seen anything like it - hope it’s something in your account they can fix


The first photo about the emails has been covered and @pgjared is looking into a fix, but woaaaaaah on that last photo!
Also, multiple teammates on the most recent IOS update cannot complete xp runs or egg missions because they get a sync error after they complete their runs.


I did read that thread, but I chose to include it here as well


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