Consumable Spells Question

Hi! I’m talking about the bonus spells you can equip in that extra slot alongside attack/hp increases. I have a few questions regarding them.

  1. How many times can you use them per run? Does it vary depending on the spell?
  2. Is there a reason for the limit? :point_up_2:
  3. I swear I had another question but I’ve been sitting here for five minutes and it’s not coming back to me. Sorry :joy::sweat_smile: I’ll edit when I remember.

Thanks :grin:

  1. It does vary from spell to spell. I am pretty sure all the multiple use spells are red, though. Also, there are no equippable spells that can be used more than twice.

  2. There has to be a limit. You would not want to have someone able to spam unlimited invincibility shields. :joy:

  3. Sorry, can’t help you there.

Your Welcome

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Awesome, thanks for the response. Just what I needed to know :smile: Lol you’ve got a point, didn’t remember invincibility shield.

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I think most consumable spells can only be used once. Death Gaze I am sure can be used 2 times.

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Glad it’s twice 'cause that’s really the only consumable spell I’m gonna use :joy: Thank you

Chain lightning can be used twice too I think.


Death Gaze, Chain lightning, Lockdown, Elemental Mayhem, Reverse Projectiles, etc.

I did not want to list them out because I will likely omit some. Or I may inadvertently put in one that is not true.

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In terms of uses for the consumable spells, I think it trends towards 2 uses for red spells and 1 use for blue spells. However, there may be some consumable spells that do not fall within these tendencies.

Edit: Freeze for example is a red spell, but you can only cast it one time. (I know this cause I use it in order to run Mehatten on my xp base without the first island killing me, accursed farms).

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Personally, I like to use Deathgaze and Reverse Projectile which can both be used twice, as well as Summon Warrior, 1 use, in case I need to block a 3 red rage drain island, or need a temp shield, long enough to sand 2 towers and cloak.

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How about:
-Multi Death Gaze
-Super Heal
-Super Freeze
-Shield of Annihilation
-Super Thunder Storm

What are their differences compared to normal spell? I kept some on my ancient account. However never know what are they really for

Super Spell Modern Spell Description
Supercharged Lightning Lightning Strikes buildings with super destructive lightning that chains randomly
Shield of Annihilation Explosive Shield Absorbs huge damage then explodes, massively damaging buildings
Super Heal Rejuvenate Heal your dragon multiple times!
Super Thunderstorm Thunderstorm Summons a cloud that brings down lighting bolts which does damage over time
Multi Death Gaze Death Gaze Destroy up to 4 towers!
Super Freeze Freeze Freezes buildings in a large area AND penetrates Red Mage Towers!

Thank you for your detailed answer
So it really for show off only. I like Super Freeze icon. Look so luxury

I updated the descriptions. My super thunderstorms got converted to red too. :cry:

The story I heard about Super Thunderstorm, they are the original Thunderstorms you could forge and when they nerfed the spell they converted everyone’s normal Thunderstorms to Supers to avoid a riot. I don’t know if that was the situation for the other consumables or if they were introduced at one point as special prizes only. I know some of them were prizes in one of the early Divine Seasons.

According to its icon, super freeze is blue. Can it be casted under blue mage’s effect?

It’s listed as a blue spell in the files. You would need to cast it the same way you do any blue attack spell, has to be outside the blue mage proximity range.

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Except it barely matters since most people have 0 and you can’t get them anymore. Only REALLY old players have them.

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Only encountered 3 of these, the rest are guesswork or third hand knowledge

Supercharged Lightning
Stronger version of Lightning

Shield of Annihilation
Stronger version of Explosive Shield

Super Heal
Can be used more than once?

Super Thunderstorm
A stronger version of thunderstorm, or, pre nerf thunderstorm

Multi Death Gaze
Apparently it death gazes a whole island, so 4-5 towers at the same time

Super Freeze
Basically a blue freeze, blue spell rules still apply

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Ummm thanks? I added the descriptions from the game files to my post.

Thank you. You guys enlightened me much
Anw lets get back yo the original topic. I am sorry for carrying it too far
Just curious about ancient spell. Maybe i it would be nice if PG open it again as a reward

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