Contest: Holiday Creatives


On the twelfth day of Christmas my P G gave to me
Twelve Drudes a drumming
Eleven Etzels etching
Ten Icicles melting
Nine Danzigs dancing
Eight Mudes a milking
Seven Slynx a slinking
Six Lumens laying
Five golden eggs
Four dodo birds
Three french Gogs
Two Luminarks
And a Whalegnawer in a pear tree


Darkness from Equestor clashes with the nature of Sage when they fight in the war of Light and Death! The war leaves all beings devastated but for one little hatchling that survived! This hatchling absorbed so much of the two god dragons’ power that it became one itself! It has became the dragon known as Nyxage!!


Can I submit an entry on behalf of someone of something creative I was sent?


@xxBoudica, if you have their IGN, and they are okay with you submitting it, then sure.



Here is my entry for the contest ::

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,
No dragon was stirring, at least, not by my hand.
I checked on my comrades, my buddies of war,
No green icon was showing, no gifts from the store.
I checked on my dragons, feed the ones on the perch
I hit the swords in the corner and started my search.
No need for resources, there was lots on my base
I was looking for chests, as they bring a smile to my face.
Should I pick you, you have a long line,
Are you hiding those chests, the ones that are mine.
A new tempest dragon, I have asked Santa for,
but he sent me a message, saying I need sigils galore.
So I’m hitting and healing, gathering chests, here and there,
the dragons soar over the islands, leaving them bare.
And then just before midnight, my goal it is done,
the sigils turned in and my egg I have won.
So with pictures of dragons dancing in my head,
I tiptoe upstairs and crawl into bed.
To Santa and his dragons I’ve left a snack for,
cookies, milk and mutton left by the door.
To all my warring friends, may your dragons be strong,
your storages full, and your time at War Dragons be long.


Guess who she is.
Here is my entry:kiss:


I wish I could draw as good as u… Or at least as good as a baby… But I am creative like a #stone :roll_eyes:


Some people aren’t drawing they are submitting stories. Try a story


@Aphrodite32 is correct! You can pick any type of creative medium.

Personally, I am a terrible artist, so my choice would never be to draw a picture


Or people who dress up pets after war dragons? :heart_eyes:

(not creative enough to do this myself, haha)


I am planning to enter, I hope I can make it in time. I will post both ideas I have and something based on those ideas but overall it’s just one big idea I had that I am tweaking for this contest. Will post once it’s done :grinning:


Here is my entry:

For christmas, why not have some brotherly love?


I totally made up a dragon for this. So I hope that’s okay. (Yes I drew it lol) :slight_smile: ENTRY

Kerberos is a silent dragon of a winter night. It grows stronger with moonlight power. On the night of winter solstice, the longest night of the year, is when it’s power peaks at its greatest. Every year the dragon feels some Christmas spirit and decided to participate wearing bells, holly, and a poinsettia. Bringing terror with its Christmas cold breath.



My Dragon Marionette created specially for War Dragons…his name is Cringle and Merry he is not…only to santa


Be good for goodness sake


Isn’t this DragonballZ Dragon :thinking:


Could one of you photoshop in a dragon please? Otherwise this is just a shameless plug on my genetic material. Gotta admit he’s pretty freaking cute!



Krampus, a mythical winter dragon deity who destroys the spirit and brings gloom to all by stealing your gifts. He raises storms like hell fire and ice covering everything good, turning it to petrified coal. His coat is like fresh snow playing mind tricks and yet tougher than the Nemean Lions hyde. You better be good for goodness sake, because his breath is like the seven plaques and suffocates worse than super heated tar. Just like Santa you’ll hear a slaying song being hummed by his elfs before he comes tonight!