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Here is my entry for Christmas contest! IMG_1083.gif




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This is my entry. Baby Draco’s first Christmas :christmas_tree:. All the dragon lords let there dragons roam free one night of the year: Christmas Eve. All dragons of every dragon lord gather atop the foot of Odin’s Cliff. There is no bloodshed nor any violence. It truly is “one day of peace”. But we all ask “how did this night come to be?” Well… that story dates back to right before the ice age:

It was hot one day on what was supposed to be a cold winters eve. All types of dragons roamed the land. Some good, evil, and dreadfully nasty. There was never peace among them though. All of the dragons held some type of grudge, whether it be the death of family or friends, or something as stupid as stealing a piece of meat from another. Some didn’t even know why they fought, but that’s what they were told by their ancestors “fight! Fight! Fight!”

But on that one hot day changed their history. A sudden snowstorm arose from the west. And then the south. Then the north and even the East. They were trapped in fridged prison of ice and snow. Even the ice dragons were nearly frozen stiff. The only place for them to go was one cave in the center of the forest. It was filled with food and water to last thousands of years, but it could only hold a small portion of the dragons. 300 of the thousands of dragons. They couldn’t decide who to leave in the cave, so they fought to the death for the 300 spots.

But 2 dragons sacrificed themselves to save the rest. And they were Aquilease and Austeros. The 2 dragons depicted as saviors is the wicked and the lost. The 2 siblings joined their power to create a barrier of heat, so the ice and snow could not penetrate the barrier. Others were chosen as protectors of the survival of the dragon race. Avalanche protected the other dragons from each other by putting himself in the middle of their disputes. Frostbiter protects the ponds of water, so that no one drinks too much. Jul kept the volcanoes dormant and kept everyone warm with his widespread breath of fire and abnormally warm body. He must also keep all the eggs warm until they hatch as well. Renard keeps to the outskirts of the barrier making sure the barrier never breaks, and so no one can pass through the barrier. Ursa gives hope to all of the dragons, so there may be peace some day. And finally, Zaru keeps the ground fertile and calls upon others to help out. Such as Sage, Fae, Aster and Morphose.

Soon, all of the dragons learned to live together happily. No more wars, fights, or deaths. They come together on Christmas Eve to celebrate their peace and to give thanks to Aquilease and Austeros for their sacrifice. It has been 10,000 years now and still, no one has forgotten.

And they all lived happily ever after.
(The reason why we don’t pit dragons against dragons)

I hope you all enjoyed my story and the picture Dragon Lords. This comment goes towards the team “Shadowwolfmoon”. We fight together and forever. Never leaving anyone behind, while soaring up to the ranks beyond the barrier into the heavens to join our families on the other side. No team can penetrate our wall of hope and power. You may try, but you will fail every time. But even so, we are open to new members. Come fly high with us and glide through the tortures of life, for we are shadowwolfmoon. We will become your shadow and follow as a pack of vicious wolves beside you and be ever distant as the moon.
Please contact me:Saphira8640 if you would like to join in the fight. Good day dragon lords. Remember to fly high and burn your enemies to the ground until there is nothing left.


Here is my entry, just for fun. I spent a couple of hours playing with photoshop.



My 10 year old daughter drew this for the contest.


Wintertide is a special time for Dragon Lords. They wait in anticipation for the moment when they may be gifted with all assortments of goodies. Tarand and his company are emissaries of the frost and snow, and when they arrive all Dragons Lords know that winter has fallen.


It’s hard not to get into a festive mood during the Wintertide season. When the snow starts to fall everyone starts feeling the holiday spirit. Even dragons! Or, at least, some dragons…


You asked for it, so I went for it! War Dragons Christmas cookies. I picked the best three…cookies are not easy to decorate. Have an amazing holiday everyone!



The Dingo’s got my baby!!

He looks comfy at least.




Omg this is amazing!


Super excited. To the drawing board I go.


Wish they had posted this event in news on game I would have had more time to create something new. Colored pencil drawing I did


So for mine, I took a dragon that I sculpted in high school and gave him a winter setting


My entry:

As he opened his eyes freezing bolt shot down his spine. His mind blank, his vision blurry, he slowly lifted himself onto his knees. As his vision returned he realised the winter has come. Everything was covered in thick blanket of snow apart from a small patch around his thigh…

Burning pain burst in his leg as soon as he tried to stand up. It slowly started to come back to him. Burned flesh on his thigh, the fall, the blackness that came after it.

Suddenly he realised the feeling of emptiness through the bond, his brother was missing. He was shot down by the last fire flak tower on the island. Just as the hunt for the final evolution stone for his most trusted companion was nearing the end, the blast of fire brought him down to earth. Shaking the snow off, he began his search.

Through the mist of falling snow and ruins of the island he walked. His thoughts clearer, memories of the battle filling his head, pain sharpening his resolve. He had to find his bonded brother, find him and get them both back. Through their linked minds he felt he was getting closer…

Suddenly the snow in front of him exploded and Leos appeared right in front of him. His wings spread wide, his head held high… his chest stained red. Even dragon scales couldn’t completely deflect the blast.

Leos put his head down to help him get back on the dragon’s back. He climbed onto his seat and let the dragon lift them out of this wretched place. With the cold air passing through his head, he remembered… his name… Rydrian, his family… Ancientblood, his purpose… DESTRUCTION.


Hello! My entry for the contest: Winter Dragon : )



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