Contest: Holiday Creatives


you took the link to your rap away?


Lol I couldn’t get the video to pop up here. Fixed it.


Winter is the time when greenery prepares,
for its spring color stares.
In winter the sky prepares to drop its white,
In the bliss of snow dragons breath warms the fires nights .
In preparation of babies come in the morrow.

Winter is the degrees of chill, where night holds its place still,
Dragons come from near and far,
To tell stories of each other’s scars.

Grab your ale n sweep the stall for dragon winter
Is upon us all

Addendum the drake buffalo is my creation I am working on as r the sigils
Merry Christmas to all n to all a good flight


Every single one of these is SO AMAZING!! You all have such creative spirit in you! I’m jelly, I can draw stick figures aaaaand that’s about it. There’s some serious competition here! :100:

Reminder that y’all have TWO more days to get your submissions in as the contest closes on the 22nd! Bring the fire if you haven’t already, 'cause based on these submission, you’re gonna need it!

:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Good, I’m not too late.


That’s one cool buffalo dragon you are creating!!


10/10 stars. This needs to hang in a museum.


I specifically love the two stick figures lying on the ground, with another one in its hand. Really takes it above and beyond!


Any guesses who is depicted? :joy:


I think Godzilla is one…


My entry, if Jack Frost Had a Dragon of his own :grin:


Quetz was crying about being left out in the cold with no dragon friends to play with, so he got a set of high quality 100% pixel mittens. Ash got a beanie as a consolation for occupational hazard.


Kudos. Doing a great job. Keep up the good hard work.


That is just damn funny! Very innovative different! Good onya mate!


I’m thinking some of your favorite PG staff being mauled by one of their creations? :sauropod:

Quite the holiday spirit.



My entry:
Cartoon Kelsis and Dodo

Cartoon Kelsis and Dodo X-mas.pdf (204.6 KB)


My entry for the contest :smiley:

Gog is looking mighty fine on our tree <3


I agree with @PGCrisis and @PGJared on this! You all are so talented, and I am really enjoying all of these entries! I will have to work on my own image (aka a stick figure dragon with ice skates since I still owe the community that one) or just show off my dog with her favorite dragon toy.


Where’s the Xmas? :frowning:


Last minute entry woo :raised_hands:
Equestor’s anatomy confused me greatly so I just made stuff up lol. Now hopefully the formatting doesn’t explode